Rita Ora and Taika Waititi share photos from their private wedding

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Rita Ora, a singer, and Taika Waititi, a Hollywood director, have now revealed the private wedding plans that were kept a secret for a year.

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Rita and Taika’s private wedding revelation

The two first became acquainted in April 2021, and as Ora moved into Waititi's gorgeous Australian property, their relationship swiftly became serious.

First acquaintance

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In an unplanned ceremony, the singer-actress wed Waititi in August 2022, after dating him for a year and knowing him for four.

After a year dating, Rita wed Waititi

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Rita Ora made a touching proposal while the beauty of Palm Springs served as a lovely backdrop, making it a special moment in their love story.

Rita proposed Waititi

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Ora, 32, proposed during a trip to Palm Springs, and the wedding was scheduled with eight guests in just two weeks.

Proposed at Palm Springs

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Taika, 47, told Daily Mail that when she proposed to her, she received an immediate "yes."

Taika answered in yes

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Their everlasting connection began with the exchanging of rings.

Exchanged rings

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Rita Ora stunned everyone by dressing in three separate exquisite Tom Ford gowns, which brought class and sophistication to her special day.

Rita Ora’s dress on her wedding

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Waititi was there at the ceremony along with his two daughters, and Elena escorted her sister down the aisle.

Waititi was accompanied by daughters

The couple released pictures from their wedding day, in which they can be seen posing together in front of the famous Hollywood sign alongside a smiling Ora.

Posing together in the photos

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