The 1980s kids beloved Pee-Wee actor Paul Reubens dies at 70

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Frenchman Remi Lucidi, who formerly mounted towers all over the world, has died.

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Remi Lucidi died

To showcase his extraordinary challenges, the thrill-seeker crossed the globe.

A thrill seeker

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He captioned a picture of himself swinging from a tower in the Ukraine's Chernobyl region in March with the phrase "My Comfort Zone."

Picture from Ukraine

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He shared a selfie last month while scaling a tower in Bulgaria with the chilling comment, "Life is too short to seek unicorns.

Last month, shared a selfie

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Lucidi entered a building in Hong Kong by faking a visit to a friend on the 40th level in order to get past a security guard. From there, he proceeded to the top floor.

Faked a visit

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As per Sky News, Lucidi was captured on security footage leaving the 49th floor elevator as well as ascending the stairs to the top floor, where a door had been pushed open.

Went to top floor

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On Thursday night, the 30-year-old, also identified as "Remi Enigma" on Instagram, slipped and fell in front of a penthouse apartment named Tregunter Tower that was 71-foot tall.

Cause of death

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The extreme sports fanatic became stuck outside the building while sharing spectacular photos of his accomplishments on social media.

Got stuck

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According to Source, he saw a maid inside and knocked on the window, prompting the maid to call the police.

A maid called the police

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