Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces split with his wife

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After "many significant and tough talks," Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, revealed that he and his wife Sophie are divorcing.

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Justin is getting divorced from wife

Trudeau is the son of Pierre Trudeau, the first prime minister to wed while in office and the first to divorce while in office.

Who is Justin Trudeau?

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They are splitting up after 18 years of marriage, the 51-year-old said in a statement on Instagram today.

18 years of marriage

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Three children—Xavier, who will turn 16 later this year; Ella-Grace, who is 14, and Hadrien, who is 9—were born to the couple throughout their 18 years of marriage.

Their kids

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The pair, who were married back in 2005, have three kids together and have made a commitment to co-parenting in the future.


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A formal separation contract has been signed between Sophie and the Prime Minister.

The couple is separating

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A political alliance is also dissolving along with the marriage.

Political alliances are dissolving

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The pair requested privacy and stated that they will still be on a holiday together in the coming days in a statement released by the Prime Minister's office.

Going on a holiday together

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During his early political career, Justin Trudeau was open about how decisive he was to avoid the marital troubles he had personally witnessed between his parents.

Didn't want trouble

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