Miranda Lambert chastised a group for taking selfies at her concert

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Miranda Lambert, an American country music performer, interrupted her performance to chastise a group in the audience for taking selfies while she was on stage.

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Chastised audience members

Many people in the audience decided to leave the arena after Lambert called out the fans, which did not sit well with many of them.

Many left the concert

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At the Las Vegas show, the 39-year-old vocalist was performing "Tin Man" when she discovered the group of women taking selfies.

Lambert was performing “Tin Man.”

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“These girls aren't paying attention to the song because they are too busy taking selfies, and it is annoying me. I'm singing some country songs for God's sake,” said Lambert.

Her statement

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Several fans who were observed exiting the concert did not appreciate her action, though. A woman remarked that “fans are not treated like that.”

Fans did not like her attitude

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The woman whom Miranda rebuked in her concert was “appalled” by the singer’s reaction in Las Vegas’ Saturday night concert.

The woman was “appalled.”

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She is an influencer in Las Vegas, told NBC News that she was shocked when Lambert paused midway through singing after noticing the woman and five of her friends taking a photo.

Adela was shocked

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Adela said she understood that there might be concerns about safety, but she was disappointed as they were all just excited and wanted to take pictures.

Adela was disappointed

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It should be noted that Miranda has not said anything about what happened at the concert yet.

Miranda didn’t react

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