Michael Rubin clears the dating rumors about Kim and Tom Brady

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Lately, there have been dating rumors spreading around regarding Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady’s relationship.

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Rumors about Kim and Tom's relationship

The supermodel Kim Kardashian and ex-NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s relationship rumors intensified once they attended Michael Rubin’s White Party, held annually.

White Party

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Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian were among the famous people who attended Michael Rubin's spectacular white party in the Hamptons a few weeks ago.

Kim and Tom attended the party

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At the event, a source told ET that Kim and Tom "spent time chatting at Michael Rubin's white party and had a fantastic time together."

They spent time together

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Another publication house revealed that Tom had been in touch with Kim for some property dealership which indicated a platonic relationship between them.

Tom is in touch with Kim

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Because the rumors intensified due to Michael’s White Party, he decided to speak out and clear the rumors.

Michael decides to clear rumors

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The Shawn Carter Foundation's 20th anniversary black-tie dinner in New York City on Friday was attended by Michael Rubin.

Shawn Carter Foundation

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At that dinner party, Michael chose to speak about the speculation that Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady might be dating.

Michael chose to speak

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Michael said that, “honestly, they are just good friends. It's all just rumors that they are dating, and at the party, Tom was with me the whole time.”

Michael said they are platonic

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