Matty Healy kissed his bandmate and his concert got banned in Malaysia

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1975's Matty Healy, the band's lead vocalist, called out Malaysia's anti-LGBTQ laws and kissed a bandmate on stage.

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Matty Healy kissed bandmate

The Malaysian Ministry of Communications decided to cancel the remaining two days of the three-day Good Vibes Festival after an incident occurred on stage on Friday night.

Canceled concert

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The band began playing I Like America and America Likes Me as Healy and MacDonald had a kiss.

Healy and MacDonald kissed

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In Malaysia, homosexual actions are forbidden and can result in fines and a 20-year prison sentence.

Homosexuality is illegal

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A short while later, only 30 minutes into the performance, Healy and the band left the stage, with the singer informing the crowd that they had just been expelled from Kuala Lumpur.

Band left

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Healy remarked, "I don't see the sense of inviting The 1975 to a nation and then instructing us who we can have s*x with.”

Healy remarked

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The festival's organizers said on Saturday that the issue had forced them to cancel the remainder of the schedule.

Forced to cancel schedule

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Healy was heard telling the audience in a video that was posted online that the band had made a "mistake" in choosing to perform in Malaysia.

Performing in Malaysia is a mistake

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According to the source on Friday night, "Matty has a long history of supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and the band wanted to speak up for their LGBTQ+ fans and community."

Matty supports LGBTQ+

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