Love Island USA is back with a banging season 5

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To all the fans who have been excited for Love Island USA season 5, your wait is over as the show is back.

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Love Island USA is back

The popular reality show's fifth season will be filmed in Fiji with a brand-new cast of singles, with Sarah Hyland serving as host once again.

Filmed in Fiji island

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The latest season of Love Island USA will feature a group of ten singletons who are all set to check into a luxurious villa in the idyllic island nation of Fiji.

Ten singles will feature

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The islanders will engage in competitions, battle temptations, and establish new bonds all through the season.

Contestants will compete

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The fifth season of "Love Island USA" is highly awaited, as it now ranks as Peacock's most-streamed unique reality competition program.

The show is most streamed

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The network promises "greater twists and turns than ever before" for the immensely popular reality program, which will once again be hosted by Modern Family star Sarah Hyland.

Twists and turns

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Student of chiropractic Marco Donatelli, student of criminal justice Anna Kurdys, microbiologist Destiny Davis, and wrestler Victor Gonzalez will be seen as contestants.


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Love Island USA's fifth season premieres in the US on Tuesday, July 18 at 9 p.m. ET. Fresh episodes will stream every Thursday until Tuesday at the same time. 

Premiering date

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If, in case you’re out of the USA or something, you still want to watch the show, then install a VPN, as it is the best option to watch Love Island USA.

Use VPN if you are not in America

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