Lana Del Rey is working at Waffle House in Alabama!

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Fans of Lana Del Rey are baffled by her recent visit to a Waffle House.

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Fans are baffled

Photos of Rey brewing coffee while standing behind the counter while donning a Waffle House costume and a name tag that read "Lana" went viral on social media.

Lana brewing coffee

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Lana Del Rey can also be seen kindly urging a customer not to shoot another person without their permission in a widely shared video clip.

Lana asking not to record

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She was courteous to her fans and posed for photos with them while she was at the restaurant in Alabama.

She took photos with her fans

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Karina Cisneros Juarez, a local, spoke with about her interaction with Del Rey and described it as a bit weird.

A local spoke about meeting Lana

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Juarez highlighted her adoration for Del Rey's music and artistic output, and she thought the singer was incredibly nice and beautiful while speaking with her.

Karina adored Lana

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Some fans have speculated that she may be making a music video, whereas others believe it may be a PR trick for her next songs.

Fans’ speculations

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In Alabama, people have reported seeing Lana Del Rey in a variety of unexpected places, including a Birmingham nail salon and Florence's downtown.

Lana seen at variety of places

Source: Getty Images reports that it doesn't appear that she is in Alabama to concentrate on new music.

No new music album

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Although rumors are rampant, neither Lana Del Rey's publicist nor Waffle House have made any official statements to address the subject.

No statement given

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