Julie and Todd Chrisley are living in bad conditions in jail

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Julie and Todd Chrisley, once reality TV celebrities, are facing "inhumane" jail circumstances, according to their children.

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Julie and Todd Chrisley are in jail

Since January, their grown children have shared occasional updates regarding their parents' lives while they are jailed.

Their children occasionally talks

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Savannah Chrisley and Chase Chrisley talked about how their parents are serving time in jail in their podcast, "Unlocked w/ Savannah Chrisley."

The couple’s time in jail

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The two were found guilty of scheming to cheat banks out of loans totaling over $30 million last year.

Found guilty of conspiring

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Many tax offenses were also found to have been committed by the "Chrisley Knows Best" actors and their accountant, Peter Tarantino.

Tax offenses

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Julie Chrisley was given a seven-year sentence, while Todd Chrisley is currently jailed at the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) in Pensacola, Florida, receiving a 12-year sentence.

Jail sentences

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Savannah said her brother had just returned from a meeting with their father, during which "you got to hear about the cluster of all of it happening at his unit."

Their son went to visit them

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She said that lead-based paint, black mold, and asbestos were kept in the jail where her parents were being held, but she is worried that anybody would notice.

Anyone barely notices

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She further asserted that since officials are informed in advance of such visits, the institutions were concealing the issues when inspectors arrived.

Institution was concealing issues

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