John Todt got hitched with his longtime fiancee, Michelle Yeoh

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In a private ceremony conducted in Geneva, Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt finally became husband and wife.

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John and Michelle got hitched

A month after they started dating, former Ferrari CEO Jean Todt proposed to Michelle Yeoh.

John proposed Michelle

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John and Michelle were dating for 19 years, though they got engaged back in 2004.

The couple engaged in 2004

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Photos from their wedding ceremony were shared online by former Ferrari Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa.

Wedding Photos

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Michelle Yeoh most recently appeared in the online series "American Born Chinese," which is available on Disney+

Michelle’s recent show

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Yeoh was shown in pictures wearing a different bridal attire, a nude lace dress with a silk bodice.

Michelle’s bridal attire

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A party guest named Massa also posted pictures of the lovely couple and their loved ones.

Massa also posted photos

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She also shared a photo he took with the pair and a picture of Yeoh holding her 2023 Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Took photo with the pair

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Another shot shows the actress posing next to her ex-Formula 1 CEO spouse, Massa, 42, and other wedding guests inside a lavishly adorned Genevan building.

Lavishly decorated building

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