Dua Lipa shared photo with her fellow Barbie cast members

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Dua Lipa, a singer, and John Cena, a previous WWE champion who is now an actor, both played odd roles in the film Barbie.

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Dua played role in Barbie

On Friday, Dua Lipa shared a mirror selfie from the freshly released Barbie movie on Instagram, featuring her other cast members.

Dua shared mirror selfie

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Lipa sings Dance the Night, a disco-inspired song that was the main single from the album and is featured in the film as a Barbie doll with mermaid-inspired styling.

Her role

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Dua Lipa can be seen standing in the image in a restroom with Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, Hari Nef, Scott Evans, and others.

Photo with cast members

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In one of many "camera roll randoms" shared by Lipa, the cast members, who in the film depicted various forms of Barbie or Ken, can be seen smiling while posing for the picture.

Seen smiling

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In a different image that Lipa posted, she was seen outside a restaurant sporting a chainmail dress that she wore to the Barbie premiere in London.

Barbie's release in London

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After finishing a busy publicity tour for the Barbie movie, Lipa also posted pictures of herself taking a solo bathroom selfie and relaxing on a bed.

After promotional tour

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Fans were eager to see the movie because of its plot, but Dua Lipa's mermaid look added to their excitement.

Fans were excited

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Lipa spoke 16 words in totality all through the film during a brief appearance of 30 seconds.

Dua Lipa’s brief role

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