Is John McCook Retiring? Fate on the Show Revealed

Kelly Taylor

Dedicated fans of The Bold & The Beautiful have been expressing their concerns over John McCook's character, Eric Forrester, and his sudden illness on the soap series.

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Worried Fans

Eric Forrester has been dropping hints about wanting to retire from his role at Forrester Creations and having a grand finale with his couture collection.

Eric's Retirement Hints

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Adding to the drama, Eric has been dealing with health troubles, including troubling tremors, sparking fears of an impending stroke.

Health Troubles

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John McCook, the 79-year-old actor behind Eric, has been a part of the show for an incredible 36 years, since March 1987. He was even honored with a Daytime Emmy Award in 2022.

John McCook's Long Run

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While Eric's condition remains undiagnosed and uncertain, fans eagerly await his daughter Bridget's arrival, hoping that her medical knowledge can save him.

Bridget's Arrival

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John McCook has reportedly extended his contract for an additional three years, securing his presence on the show until 2026.

Contract Extension

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What is going to happen to Eric's character on screen even after the contract is extended? Some speculate that he may lose a power struggle with his son.

Future Speculations

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This contract news reassures loyal fans that they won't have to say goodbye to Eric Forrester any time soon. John McCook's continued presence brings hope.

Fan Reassurance

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Eric Forrester will undoubtedly continue to play a significant role in The Bold & The Beautiful, which will keep fans interested as the story develops.


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