Don’t forget Heather from The Young and the Restless, as she is back!

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Some more recent viewers might be unsure about Heather's name because she hasn't appeared on The Young and the Restless in a long time.

A number of young actresses played Heather Stevens, who was born in 1979, for a brief time.

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Heather’s birthdate

In 1993, Conci Nelson brought the figure back to life as a teen, and in July 2007, Vail Bloom brought the role back as an adult.

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Actors who played Heather

She had thought that her mother's second husband, Robert Lynch, was her father, Heather Stevens is the child of Paul Williams and his first spouse, April Stevens.

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Heather’s real father

Young Paul gave up all of his parental authority to April when he realized that being a parent was too much for him.

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Her father gave her up

As a result, Heather grew up without her father after leaving Genoa City with her mother when she was a newborn. Her stepfather mistreated her.

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Heather grew up In Genoa

Heather returned to Genoa City in an effort to confront her father about his absence from her life and repair their connection.

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She wanted to sort things with her father

She once unsuccessfully tried to convict Victor Newman of murder and was engaged to his estranged son, Adam Wilson, but they broke up later.

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Heather fell for Adam

Following a controversy involving photographs of Heather and Adam, Heather fled Genoa City. Although she has returned again, let's see what her future holds.

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Heather is back!

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