Daymond John of Shark Tank won restraining order against constants

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Daymond John, a "Shark Tank" investor, secured a permanent restraining order against the contestants of a company he had funded on the series ten years prior.

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Secured restraining order

As per John's claims in the court documents, the former finalists exited the show and openly criticized their time spent working with him, calling it a "nightmare."

Contestants criticized John

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The lawsuit names Al "Bubba" Baker, a veteran NFL defensive end, his spouse Sabrina, and his daughter Brittani as contenders.

Lawsuit contenders

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John and his partners were accused by Baker and his daughter of deceiving them, trying to take over their company, and robbing them of their profit.

Accusations by Bakers

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The three members of the family were obliged by John's court order to remove all criticism of their business dealings from their social media accounts.

Bakers are obliged to court

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Notably, the remarks that implied John was gaining control of the family business and the mentions of Rastelli Foods Group, the joint producer of the ribs to be removed.

What needs to be removed?

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The damage the Bakers did to John's image was hinted at in the ruling by US District Judge Robert Kugler.

Damage done by Bakers

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The 2019 deal's non-disparagement clause, which guaranteed that the family wouldn't trash John or Rastelli, was "breached," as per Judge Kugler.

Breached clause by Bakers

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As a result, Judge Kugler issued an order "forever banning" the Bakers from additional breaches, such as social media posts and media appearances.

Forever banning

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