Cardi B throws microphone at crowd in her Las Vegas concert

Kelly Taylor

During a performance at Drai's Beach Club in Las Vegas, singer Cardi B was caught on camera tossing a microphone at her audience members.

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Cardi B threw microphone

In a trending video, Cardi B was seen throwing the microphone onstage after getting sprayed by a drink thrown by a fan, according to the Daily Mail.

Liquid was sprayed

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The viral video features Cardi, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, dancing on stage during the daytime hours while donning a bust-revealing orange dress.

Cardi B dancing on stage

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For one more verse, she holds the microphone up to her face. Unexpectedly, a beverage cup in the crowd shoots liquid at her, hitting her in the face.

A beverage cup hit her

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Cardi briefly displays amazement before erupting in rage and swinging into action, throwing the microphone towards an audience member—presumably the drink-thrower.

Threw microphone in rage

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This is not a new phenomenon; during the 1970s, fireworks and M-80s were frequently set off by concertgoers.

Not a new thing

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According to reports, Las Vegas residents waited two hours in stifling heat for the performer to arrive.

Waited for Carid B to arrive

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According to reports, the hip-hop artist even requested water from the crowd as she bemoaned the extreme heat in Sin City.

Cardi B requested for water

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Her song continues to play in the background. After that, Cardi B can be seen doing her hair while stage security appears to deal with the audience disturbance.

Music plays in background

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