Bella Hadid opened up about her long-term disease on Instagram

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It is well known that the 26-year-old model experienced long-term Lyme Disease symptoms. But the severity of the treatment Hadid has received has shocked others.

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Bella Hadid’s treatment

She updated her Instagram followers on her health in a series of images that showed her dressed warmly for winter and holding an IV drip.

Health-related photos

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In 2012, Bella Hadid received a Lyme disease diagnosis. The model has publicly shared her online battles with the illness.

Lyme disease diagnosis

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She stated, "The small me who struggled would be very proud of the big me for not losing on myself," in the post.

Hadid shared her struggle

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Hadid thanked her "mom for retaining all of my health files, remaining with me, never leaving my side, supporting, but most of all, trusting me through all of this."

Bella thanked  her mom

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In her touching post, Bella detailed the negative effects her treatment had on both her physical and mental health.

Negative effects

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Kin Euphorics' creator described how it was "confusing" for her to be surrounded by people who love and support her while still feeling "sad and sick" about it all.

Being sad and sick

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Hadid was careful to let her fans know that everything is "okay and people have nothing to worry about," adding that she "wouldn't change anything for the world."

She is okay

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Gigi, 28, uploaded a flashback photo of herself and her sister backstage at a fashion show with the words, "Can't wait for the comeback," on her Instagram on Tuesday

Gigi’s post for Bella

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