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At, we employ cookies to enhance your browsing experience. By accessing and using the website, you acknowledge and agree to use cookies following our policy outlined below.

Understanding Cookies

Cookies are files sent by a web server to web browsers, often containing unique identifiers. These files can be returned to the server whenever a browser requests a page. The primary purpose of cookies is to enable web servers to identify and track users across different website pages and recognize returning users.

There are two types of cookies: “persistent” and “session” cookies. Persistent cookies consist of a text file sent by a web server to a web browser, which is then stored by the browser until the set expiration date (unless manually deleted by the user). On the other hand, session cookies expire at the end of a browsing session when the web browser is closed.

Use Of Cookies On The Website

We utilize both session and persistent cookies on our website.

How We Employ Cookies

Cookies do not collect any personal details. The cookies employed on our website include those necessary for access and navigation, cookies that track usage (performance cookies), cookies that store your preferences (functionality cookies), and cookies that deliver targeted content or advertising.

We use cookies to 

  1. Determinate when you visit our website
  2. Follow your navigation and promote the products/services you are craving for
  3. Enhance a user-friendly website
  4. Examine the website’s usage and administration
  5. Personalize the website exclusively for you

Third-Party Cookies

While using our website, you may receive third-party cookies.

Third-party advertisers and service providers may send you cookies to track your browser across multiple websites, build a profile of your web surfing habits, and deliver targeted advertisements based on your interests.

With the information in this Cookie Policy, please note that these third parties have cookie policies and practices that we do not control.

Managing Cookies

Most web browsers provide options to manage cookies and allow you to refuse or delete them. Please note the following steps for some popular browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Go to “Tools” > “Internet Options” > “Privacy” and select “Block all cookies” using the sliding selector.
  • Firefox: Go to “Tools” > “Options” > “Privacy” and uncheck “Accept cookies from sites” in the “Privacy” box.
  • Google Chrome: Go to “Options” > “Under the hood” > “Content Settings” in the “Privacy” section. Click on the Cookies tab in the Content Settings.
  • Safari: Go to “Preferences” > “Privacy” and select “Block cookies.”

However, blocking or deleting cookies may impact the usability of many websites, preventing you from accessing certain features or content.

Reach Out To Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our cookie policy, please feel free to contact us at

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding the use of cookies on our website.