Who is leaving Emmerdale in 2023?

Characters show up and vanish as plots progress in the realm of dramas, which is all around perceived for its continually evolving various changes.

The adored British soap, Emmerdale has had its reasonable portion of appearances and flights consistently. The program expressed farewell to various revered characters in 2023, leaving fans disheartened and keen on how the story would be impacted.

How about we investigate the takeoffs that have made their engraving on Emmerdale’s scene this year, from unexpected flights to entertainers looking for new open doors.

Are they really leaving emmerdale? Yes, many actors and actresses are leaving the show after years of working.

Every year, numerous cast members of the popular soap drama Emmerdale say their final goodbyes as their characters reach natural conclusions or the actors pursue new opportunities. 

2023 was no exception, with five departures officially announced and two more rumored. Here, we look back at each departure and the reasons that led to it.

Fiona Wade (Priya Kotecha)

Fiona Wade, best known for her portrayal of Priya Kotecha, announced her departure from Emmerdale in October 2022.

But it wasn’t until January of this year that fans got to see Priya’s final moments in the village. After accepting a new job in London, the guy left his hometown, taking his little daughter Amba with him.

Darcy Grey (Marcus Dean)

Darcy Grey, who played Marcus Dean, announced his departure as the year’s second departure in February 2023. Darcy’s decision to leave after only a year on the show was motivated by his desire to pursue other acting possibilities. Marcus left the community in a low-key manner after his romance with Ethan Anderson fell apart.

Darcy Grey declined to do a farewell interview, instead thanking supporters on Twitter for their continuous support. He also indicated his enthusiasm to pursue new acting opportunities.

Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher)

One of the more unexpected exits of the year occurred in July, when weekly narrative spoilers hinted at Marshall Hamston’s impending departure.

Marshall’s relationship with boyfriend Arthur soured after he sought safety with the Sharma-Thomas family after fleeing a rough home life. Max Fletcher, the young actor who played Marshall, did not comment on his departure.

Despite this, his departure was expected because executive producer Jane Hudson had previously intimated that Arthur’s first romance would not have a fairy-tale conclusion.

Karene Peter (Naomi Walters)

In April 2023, it was announced that Karene Peter would be leaving Emmerdale after only a year on the show. According to reports, Karene left the serial to widen her acting portfolio, preferring to play a variety of characters rather than being confined to a single part.

Naomi Walters, her character, left the village to embark on a travel adventure after losing her job and becoming estranged from her father, Charles.

Bhasker Patel (Rishi Sharma)

In July, a rare soap opera twist happened when Rishi Sharma’s character died unexpectedly on the day of Jai and Laurel’s wedding. Bhasker Patel’s portrayal of Rishi was abruptly ended, with no previous notice. The character’s terrible fate was purposely hidden from spoiler leaks.

Regarding his departure, Bhasker stated, “The producer called me and said, ‘We now need to talk to you, and we’re killing him off because we want a big story and it’s going to be a big surprise.”

So, when the producer said, ‘We’re going to kill you off,’ I was like, ‘Okay, that portion of my life with this guy is finished, and I’m going to move on.'”

Samantha Giles (Bernice Blackstock)

While Samantha Giles, who plays Bernice Blackstock, is still on the show, there are speculations that her time on Emmerdale is coming to an end.

Who is leaving Emmerdale in 2023?
Who is leaving Emmerdale in 2023?

In July, rumors circulated that Samantha had decided to depart her role as Bernice once more. Show executives, who normally do not comment on cast contracts, did not confirm or deny official confirmation.

Samantha stated her continued desire to explore other artistic avenues during an interview on ITV’s Loose Women: “I’ve never lost that thing of wanting to go and do other things.” I actually miss the stage, you know, because it’s like this. You’ve got your audience there, and you’re building a relationship with them.”

Liam Fox (Dan Spencer)

Dan Spencer, played by Liam Fox, is another character who could leave this year. While no official announcement has been made, Dan’s destiny hangs in the balance following his involvement in a tragic incident.

Liam’s subsequent commitment to a Christmas panto role later this year adds fuel to the rumor mill, as Emmerdale and Coronation Street performers are normally barred from participating in festive productions while under ITV contract.

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