What Happened to Fatboy In EastEnders? The Tragic Fate of Fatboy In EastEnders

Fans of the long-running BBC One soap opera “EastEnders” were recently treated to a surprising twist involving the return of a character named Fatboy.

Portrayed by Ricky Norwood, Fatboy, whose real name is Arthur, was a memorable and beloved character on the show. His unexpected reappearance has sparked intrigue and nostalgia among viewers.

Fatboy’s arrival in Albert Square marked a memorable chapter in “EastEnders.” His lively and exuberant personality quickly made him a central figure in the fictional borough of Walford.

Fans of the show might speculate what happened to Fatboy, so here is an answer to your question and other details.

The Backstory is Revealed

Fatboy’s journey in “EastEnders” was marked by his quirky personality, distinct style, and involvement in various storylines. He made his debut in January 2010, entering the fictional world of Albert Square.

His introduction to the show occurred when he was invited to a party hosted by Lucy Beale, Cindy Beale’s late daughter.

From the start, Fatboy’s larger-than-life presence and unique interactions with other characters endeared him to the audience.

An Ill-Fated Feud

 In 2015, Fatboy’s life took a tragic turn as he became entangled in a deadly feud. Despite his initial troubles, he found camaraderie and friendship with Vincent Hubbard.

Under Vincent’s influence, Fatboy decided to abandon his pseudonym and reclaim his birth name, “Arthur.”

Vincent extended a job offer to Fatboy as a DJ at The Albert, opening up new opportunities for him. However, their friendship deteriorated rapidly when Fatboy was pulled into Vincent’s vendetta against Phil Mitchell.

What Happened to Fatboy in EastEnders?

Fatboy met violence when he was leaving Walford, leading him to his death. As tensions escalated, Fatboy desperately attempted to convince Vincent to end the feud.

His concern for Dot’s safety prompted him to take a stand against the spiraling conflict. Tragically, his efforts were met with a threat of violence against Dot if he didn’t leave Walford.

What Happened to Fatboy In EastEnders
What Happened to Fatboy In EastEnders?

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Fatboy made the devastating choice to flee Albert Square. Before his departure, he shared a poignant Christmas meal with Dot, saying his goodbyes and confronting Vincent for the last time.

A Fateful Christmas Day

Christmas Day 2015 brought a harrowing turn of events. Fatboy’s attempts to escape his circumstances were cut short when he encountered the ruthless hitmen hired by Ronnie Mitchell. These hitmen were initially tasked with targeting Vincent Hubbard, but their mission took a tragic twist.

As the hitmen carried out their deadly orders, they discovered Fatboy’s lifeless body in the trunk of a car. The irony of his fate was not lost on viewers, as Fatboy’s well-known fear of enclosed spaces had come to devastating fruition.

A Pillar of Support and Bond with Dot Cotton

Beyond his romantic pursuits, Fatboy played a significant role as a source of support for Dot Cotton. Following the death of her son Nick, he became a comforting presence in her life.

His compassion and friendship highlighted his caring nature and his ability to connect with people on a profound level.

A Rollercoaster Love Life

Fatboy’s love life in Walford was nothing short of tumultuous. His initial romance with Mercy Olubunmi led to a marriage of convenience, aimed at securing her residency in the country.

However, his heart soon found itself drawn to his friend Whitney Dean, despite her involvement with Tyler Moon.

The fleeting nature of their relationship was due to Whitney not reciprocating Fatboy’s romantic feelings.

Flashback Scenes and the Return

In the new episode of “EastEnders,” viewers were blessed to receive flashback scenes that shed light on Fatboy’s past and his association with Cindy Beale.

The scenes were set in Marbella, portraying Cindy’s existence with George and their two little girls. In an astounding development, Fatboy was likewise resurrected in these flashback scenes, imparting minutes to Cindy.

Cindy’s Secret Return

Cindy’s re-visitation of Walford was covered in mystery because of her contribution to the witness protection plot. Her powerlessness to uncover her presence in the Square added a component of tension to her storyline.

During one significant scene, Cindy was trapped in a car with her case specialist when Fatboy drew nearer, looking for time. Fatboy’s presence added a startling twist to the experience.

A Shattered Legacy

Fatboy’s death denoted the conclusion of a significant time period in “EastEnders.” His energetic character, vivid connections, and dynamic presence made a permanent imprint on the show’s story.

The appalling conditions of his passing reverberated with viewers, mirroring the interconnectedness of characters and the frequently unanticipated results of their activities.

The arrival of Fatboy in the new “EastEnders” episode serves as a recognition of his importance within the show’s set of experiences.

While his character’s destiny was at last terrible, his inheritance lives on through the effect he had on the existence of people around him and the memories he left.

Devotees of “EastEnders” keep on considering his character’s commitments, denoting a demonstration of perseverance through the force of convincing narration and advanced characters in the realm of soap opera.

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