What happened to Chas in Emmerdale? Emmerdale fans criticize the show for a serious error

Emmerdale is a British soap opera that airs on ITV. Until 1989, it was known as Emmerdale Farm. The program is based in Emmerdale, a made-up village in the Yorkshire Dales that was originally called Beckindale until 1994.

Emmerdale Farm, a television series created by Kevin Laffan, debuted on October 16, 1972.

As of 2024, Emmerdale generally attracts an average of 4 million viewers. During the 1990s, the series had an average of 10–11 million viewers per episode.

On 30 December 1993, Emmerdale had its largest-ever audience of 18 million when a plane crashed into the village.

Who plays Chas on Emmerdale?

Chas Decides To Have A Double Mastectomy

English actress Lucy Kate Pargeter was born on March 1, 1977. She is best known for her roles as Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle (2002–present) and Crossroads’ Helen Raven (2002–2003).

In the 2013 season of I am a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! on ITV, she also came in third place. She was named the 2019 British Soap Award’s Best Actress winner for her work in Emmerdale.

What happened to Chas in Emmerdale?

Chas Dingle, played by Lucy Pargeter in Emmerdale, underwent a double mastectomy following a concerning two months during which she struggled with a cancerous lump in her breast.

When Chas got in touch with Dr. Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), he pointed out the lump and advised her to get checked out.

Chas did not want to take any chances because her mother had passed away from the same type of cancer. As she lay on a hospital bed, her son, Aaron Dingle, attempted to reassure her before she entered the operating room by holding her hand.

But viewers picked up on a nuance that the show’s executives had overlooked. There was discussion about the mother’s nude nail polish, which the doctors would have recommended her to remove before the surgery.

Chas in Emmerdale

Aaron waited anxiously with Uncle Cain Dingle while she underwent surgery, fearing that the procedure would not be sufficient to save her life.

Cain tried to reassure him, and during their conversation, the mechanic got a text saying that his mom’s procedure had finished.

This confused Emmerdale viewers as well, who questioned who texted him if his mother was not still asleep.

One person asked on X, formerly known as Twitter, about the scene: “Did the surgeon text Aaron to say she’s out of theatre??”

Someone replied: “That’s what I wondered.” A third viewer questioned: “Who sent the text to Aaron?”

Another person tweeted during the episode on Thursday night: “Who the hell texted Aaron to say Chas was out of surgery?”

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