What happened to Charlie On Casualty? Casualty Charlie Gets Stabbed

Derek Thompson portrayed the fictional character Charlie Fairhead in the BBC series Casualty, which focused on British medical dramas.

Until his departure on March 16, 2024, he was a member of the cast for more than 37 years, making him the longest-serving character from the first episode broadcast on September 6, 1986.

Charlie Fairhead, a senior charge nurse, moved viewers to tears when he eventually left the fictional Holby City Hospital’s accident and emergency department after working there for almost forty years. It might have been worse, though.

Since the start of the show in 1986, fans have been afraid that Derek Thompson’s character Charlie would pass away due to a drug dealer stabbing him in the previous cliffhanger episode. Instead, he survived and promptly retired.

Sources say Thompson’s fate was sealed because his salary—between £349,999 and £399,999 a year—was too high for BBC chiefs to justify after axing Casualty spin-off Holby City and Doctors.

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What happened to Charlie On Casualty?

Nurse Charlie, who first appeared in the first episode back in 1986, has lived a significant amount of his life observing patients enter and exit Holby ED.

Charlie has experienced a lot during his journey, from the dramatic storylines to his amazing relationship with Duffy (Cath Shipton). Suffice it to say, things at the ED will never be the same.

Last week, a patient tried to steal medical supplies and stabbed Charlie, putting his life in danger. After being located by Stevie (Elinor Lawless) and Faith (Kirsty Mitchell), he was taken to the emergency department (ED) and treated by his friends and coworkers.

What happened to Charlie On Casualty
How Casualty tricked fans with Charlie Fairhead’s exit

We got to see a glimpse of Charlie’s early nursing career while the team worked to save him. Charlie (Jack Franklin) saw a girl in a hallway while providing care for patients.

The nurse sat her down and used a music player to divert her attention since she appeared scared and disoriented.

Charlie eventually located the little girl’s father, and they were reunited. Upon perusing the notes and hearing the father refer to “Stevie,” it became evident that the young girl was none other than the contemporary Stevie Nash.

Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson

Charlie regained consciousness in a ward room back at Holby following surgery and a terrifying moment when it appeared that we might lose him.

Charlie announced his retirement upon Stevie’s arrival. Charlie then packed up his things, and to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t have a great deal of stuff to take home after nearly 4 decades in the same job.

Dylan gave Charlie the leaf he had given his colleague back in 2022 as soon as he got close. During a vacation in Greece, Charlie picked it from Hippocrates’ tree.

After another trying shift in the hospital, he gave it to Dylan, and they both agreed that in the end, between them and the leaves, everything would work out.

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