Speculations Arise: Is Sarah leaving Coronation Street?

The relationship between Tina O’Brien’s character and the newest bad boy on Coronation Street has been seen as continuing on television.  As her character was seen continuing her relationship with Coronation Street’s newest bad boy, things have been getting hotter for Tina O’Brien on screen.

The actress, who is best known for portraying Sarah Barlow, née Platt, in the ITV soap opera, did not join until Gail Platt’s daughter, who plays Sarah, turned 12. There have been recent rumors that Sarah is saying goodbye to the show. Let us investigate. 

Coronation Street

British television soap opera Coronation Street, produced by Granada Television, debuted on ITV on December 9, 1960, with its debut episode. The program takes place in the made-up town of Weatherfield, which is based in inner-city Salford, England, and revolves around a cobbled terraced street.

The station’s founder Sidney Bernstein initially turned down Warren’s proposal, but producer Harry Elton was able to persuade Bernstein to agree to let Warren produce the show for the 13 pilot episodes. In the intervening years, the program’s standing in British culture has increased.

Is Sarah Leaving Coronation Street?

No, Sarah is not leaving Coronation Street. There are no official confirmations or any major hints from the makers. All these rumors are based on circulating fan theories regarding Sarah’s pregnancy and cheating. Take a look at some of the storylines, as they all add up so well but sadly it’s all baseless speculation. 

 The rumor is related to the plot line concerning Sarah’s pregnancy and the mystery surrounding the father of her unborn child. Some followers think that Damon Hay—with whom Sarah had a liaison—will be identified as the child’s father.

Fan theories and Speculative plots 

Some viewers speculate that if O’Brien is indeed leaving, Sarah’s departure might be brought on by the realization that Damon is the father of her child. They predict that Sarah would then turn away from Adam and look for a new beginning for herself and her child.

Another fan theory claims that the actor will die tragically before learning whether the child is actually his or not. This may affect Sarah’s choice of whether to stay or go. 

Despite the reasonableness of the rumors that Sarah will be leaving Coronation Street in light of the situation, it is crucial to remember that neither Tina O’Brien’s departure nor Sarah’s plot has received official confirmation. 

Is Sarah leaving Coronation Street
Speculations Arise: Is Sarah leaving Coronation Street?

Last, but not least, it is still unclear what will happen to Sarah Platt and whether or not she will quit Coronation Street. There will probably be more clarity on the character’s future in the show as the ongoing storyline involving Sarah’s pregnancy and the identification of the baby’s father unfolds.

They rely on the trend they notice in the previous plotlines of the show to support this belief. Others, however, believe that the story will ultimately take a surprising turn when Sarah’s husband Adam Barlow is revealed to be the child’s father.

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The idea that Sarah will leave the show is based on the possibility that Tina O’Brien, the actress who plays Sarah, will do so soon. The fact that O’Brien recently had new acting headshots taken, as noticed by fans, lends credence to this theory.

The current storyline for Sarah 

After learning she is pregnant and some fans believe she will be leaving Coronation Street, Sarah Platt (played by Tina O’Brien) will experience complications in the months to come.  

Recently, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) learned that his wife Sarah (Ciaran Griffiths), the neighborhood bad boy, had been having an affair with him. A DNA test will be performed on Sarah in upcoming scenes to determine whether Damon or Adam is the father of her unborn child. After learning the truth, how will the men respond? Will they volunteer to raise the child or will they reject the responsibility?

In a recent interview, Sarah’s actress Tina expressed her desire for her character to remain estranged from Adam. It is a difficult decision, but I like the notion that perhaps they can not be together, she said. Is there any chance the couple can stay together, or will they both separate while Sarah is pregnant? 

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Sarah Barlow – FAQs

Does Sarah leave Corrie?

On October 31, 1999, Tina O’Brien took over the role; she decided to leave in 2007 and made her final on-screen appearance on December 30, 2007—despite making a few brief voice-over appearances the following month. During her absence from the serial, there were several unfounded rumors that O’Brien would be taking over the part.

Is Sarah in Corrie pregnant?

The father will be revealed by Sarah Barlow of Coronation Street, who is expecting a child with either her husband Adam, or her ex-lover Damon Hay. However, there is a catch. Sarah, who was expecting, recently underwent a DNA test and informed Adam that she would abort the child if Damon was the father. 

When did Sarah leave Coronation Street?

In April 2007, it was announced that Tina O’Brien would leave Coronation Street to pursue other opportunities. In the December 2007 episode 6719, which aired on the 30th, the character and Bethany both left the program. But the following month, the character made a few quick voice-only appearances.

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