Speculations Arise: Is Cindy Swanepoel Leaving Binnelanders?

Cindy Swanepoel has been playing the iconic role of Annelize Roux in the popular soap opera Binnelanders since 2016. The 19th season of Binnelanders is running, and the show’s cast consists of various popular celebrities, including Cindy Swanepoel.

Being one of the popular and long-running soapies, there are various speculations regarding who will stay in the regular cast and who might leave the serial. Currently, fans are wondering if Cindy Swanepoel is leaving Binnelanders or what?

Is Cindy Swanepoel Leaving Binnelanders?

No, Cindy Swanepoel is not leaving Binnelanders. She has been associated with the soap opera since 2016, when Binnelanders Season 12 premiered. Cindy has been associated with the kykNET soap opera for more than six years now, and she will certainly not disappoint her fans by leaving amidst the ongoing series’s story.

Fans should not pay more attention to such rumors and enjoy their favorite actors playing iconic roles.

Who is Cindy Swanepoel?

Cindy Swanepoel is a popular South African actress who has played iconic roles in many soap operas. One of which is Annelize Roux in the kykNET soap opera Binnelanders.

Cindy Swanepoel: Films and Shows

Apart from that, Cindy has also played various roles in other popular series such as Generations, Egoli: Place of Gold, and many more. Her other television series include The Mating Game, Skeletons in the Closet, 90 Plein Street, and more.

Is Cindy Swanepoel Leaving Binnelanders
Is Cindy Swanepoel Leaving Binnelanders?

Cindy has also played comedy roles in Proes Street and the Laugh out Loud series. Another kykNET series Sterlopers also has Cindy starring in one of the lead roles. Her noticeable films by Cindy include The Street’s Bull, Nationa’s Garage, Ballad for a Single, and more.

Cindy Swanepoel: Career

Apart from her role in Binnelanders, several other roles in different shows and films have gained her much-deserved fame across the globe. Cindy’s other popular project was her role as Buula Botha – the troublemaker sister role in the drama series Getroud Met Rugby on kykNET in 2015.

Only a few fans are aware, but Cindy has been associated with theatre for a long time. Her noticeable works in theatre include various Theater plays such as The Crucible, Curl Up and Dye, Kringe in’n Bos, Dalliances, Equus, Drif, Mysterious Skin, My Boetie se Sussie se Ou, and many more.

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Cindy Swanepoel – FAQs

Will Cindy Swanepoel continue with Binnelanders Season 19?

Yes, Cindy will continue as a series regular for Binnelanders Season 19 and appear as Annelize Roux in the show.

What character does Cindy Swanepoel play in Binnelanders?

Cindy Swanepoel plays Annelize Roux in the popular soap opera Binnelanders. She has been playing Annelize since 2016 when the 12th season of the show was released.

Will there be Binnelanders Season 20?

For now, there is no official news regarding the Binnelanders Season 20. Still, looking at the series’ popularity, it is highly expected that it will soon be renewed for another season.

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