Is Sharon leaving EastEnders? Why is she leaving?

Sharon Watts of EastEnders will have a big choice about exits following the revelation of a life-altering offer.

The coming episodes of the soap, which are scheduled to debut next week, will bring new stories with boxing promoter named Dorian narrating to Sharon how it would be nice if she traveled to Abu-Dhabi where everything is perfect, and she might end up living lav.

Who is Sharon Watts?

It is an iconic character that was created by Tony Hollywood and Julia Smith, who first appeared at the very beginning, and it’s still on this BBC ONE soap called Eastenders! The character is known as Sharon Watts and is played by Letitia Dean.

She began her acting career portraying an adopted teenage daughter to pub landlords Den and Angie Watts.

Sharon has emerged as one of the leading characters in the show over time, being renowned for her intricate love affairs and interesting episodes.

During her time at “EastEnders,” Sharon has had affairs with characters such as Grant and Phil Mitchell, which have generated intriguing storylines that captured fan’s interest.

It forms part of her “Sharongate” story, where she married Grant after having an affair with Phil, which has been among the most popular episodes of television drama ever watched!

As such, it’s amazing to witness how the character of Sharon has evolved through the years, making her one of Britain’s all-time greatest television characters.

Is Sharon Leaving Eastenders?

At the moment, it remains unclear whether Letitia Dean’s character, Sharon Watts, will be leaving EastEnders. It is worth mentioning, however, that soap operas are infamous for their melodramatic turns of events meant to attract audiences’ attention.

In addition, a ‘Christmas flashforward’ episode depicted the attendance of Sharon at several subsequent episodes, including in her role as a participant in the wedding at the Vic.

Is Sharon leaving EastEnders
Is Sharon leaving EastEnders?

Thus, this implies that her character will remain an element of the show’s forthcoming episodes, hence making many followers wonder where her character is headed.

Therefore, an opportunity for Sharon’s exit from Walford was hinted at, but her departure from the show remained undetermined.

This does not mean that characters on a soap opera such as EastEnders don’t experience the various storylines and difficult situations that bring out twits to keep viewers curious about what will occur next.

Consequently, Sharon’s character is bound to change, and the audience will be able to see some anticipated innovations that might happen in future episodes.

Why is Sharon Watts Leaving Eastenders?

Right now, in the EastEnders plotline, no official statement has confirmed the departure and exit of Sharon Watts, portrayed by Letitia Dean. By introducing a tantalizing offer for Sharon to move to Abu Dhabi, soap operas are known to use intricate plot developments to dramatize their storylines.

The significance of her presence in the show for many years as a central character should not be underestimated.

The threat of her departure is in place now. Let’s see how creators will write her characters over the next episodes in the future.

Eastenders Show

The show ‘EastEnders,’ a much-loved soap opera, began airing on television in February ‘1985.

The program takes place in a mythical neighborhood of Walford situated in the East End of London, dealing with the residents’ and close relatives’ life stories.

EastEnders has increasingly grown over the years to become an essential component of British television culture; it is always among the highest-rated TV programs.

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