Is Chris Gascoyne leaving Coronation Street?

Coronation Street fans will soon bid farewell to one of the castes, who has been on the show for years. In recent months, Peter’s storyline has revolved around his concerns for Carla Connor’s mental health and her unknowing involvement in a plot by serial killer Stephen Reid.

As viewers anticipate the explosive truth coming to light, one of the character’s departure adds an extra layer of intrigue to the ongoing storyline. 

Coronation Street; been here since 1960

The British television soap opera Coronation Street was developed by Granada Television and debuted on ITV on December 9, 1960. The show is set in the fictional Weatherfield, a town modeled after inner-city Salford, England, and centers on a cobbled, terraced street.

Sidney Bernstein, who founded the station, rejected Warren’s initial proposal; however, producer Harry Elton was able to convince Bernstein to allow Warren to produce the program for 13 pilot episodes. In the intervening years, the program has grown in importance within British culture.

Is Chris Gascoyne leaving Coronation Street? 

Yes, After 23 years on the popular soap opera Coronation Street, Chris Gascoyne is leaving. According to reports, the actor from a popular soap opera who plays Peter Barlow will be leaving the show later this year.

In 2000, he made his debut as Peter, and in 2016, he returned to that role permanently. Chris reportedly decided to “take an extended break” from the soap opera, however.

Chris’ departure, according to a source who spoke to the Mirror, was “an extended break.” According to rumors, Chris believes now is the “right time” for him to pursue other acting opportunities. Uncertainty exists regarding the soap star’s departure from the cobbles. Chris’s vacation will last a while.

Chris revealed he would be moving on from Weatherfield earlier this year. In preparation for the upcoming pantomime season, the celebrity will switch from the Saint Albans stage to the one in Manchester. She will now perform at The Alban Arena. 

The current storyline for Peter aka Chris:

The actor has played a pivotal role in many major stories over the years, including those involving his ongoing alcoholism, his difficulties raising Simon Barlow, his on-and-off conflict with his father Ken, and his turbulent but intense relationship with Carla Connor (Alison King).

Is Chris Gascoyne leaving Coronation Street
Is Chris Gascoyne leaving Coronation Street?

After Carla displayed worrying and manic behavior this year, he was worried that she might relapse into her battle with mental health.

They both have no idea, though, that the factory queen has been receiving LSD injections from serial killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce).

It coincides with his attempt to seize control of the Underworld, a plot that has not gone well for him thus far. Carla is not aware that she was targeted and drugged right now, but this information will not be kept a secret for much longer.

Once the truth is out, Peter is sure to react violently, which will inevitably result in a confrontation with the murderer.

Will Chris return to Coronation Street? 

There is a huge possibility that Chris might return. Although, he has not given any return date or other indications. He will be gone for quite some time from coronation street. 

What can we expect next? 

Although the plot that will cause him to leave the program is not yet confirmed, we have been told that there are still a lot of stories to be told and plenty of twists to be revealed.

The actor has also been announced as Captain Hook in a new adaptation of Peter Pan, showcasing his versatility and range as an actor.

Chris has recently been announced as Captain Hook in a new Peter Pan adaptation.

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Coronation Street – FAQs

Where is Chris Gascoyne in Coronation Street?

According to a reliable source, Chris has chosen to take a long break from the soap opera. 

Is Chris Gascoyne married?

Caroline Harding

What happened to Peter and Lucy in Coronation Street?

Less than a year after their wedding, Lucy learned that Peter was having an extramarital affair with Shelley Unwin. As a result, she left England for Australia and stopped Peter from seeing their 4-month-old son Simon. She passed away from breast cancer five years later, and Peter was given responsibility for Simon by her wishes.

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