Why is Finn leaving General Hospital? Read more on Michael’s sad goodbye

Michael Easton announced in June 2024 that he would be leaving General Hospital after more than eight years of playing Dr. Hamilton Finn. Many fans were shocked to learn that Michael was leaving, as he did not give them much notice that he was leaving.

After hearing about his departure, many wondered why Michael had decided to leave. Here’s what we know about why Michael decided to leave, and what he’s said about his exit.

Why is Finn leaving General Hospital?

Fans believe that Finn has said goodbye to the show to explore new opportunities

Michael announced that he would be leaving on his Instagram page, where he said that he had just filmed his final scenes for the show. In a video, Michael declared, “I have always been partial to the Irish goodbye.” That is when you depart from the celebration without genuinely informing anyone. But I thought you all deserved better. 

Michael’s final episode on the show aired on June 27. He didn’t explain his departure but did thank his collaborators on the series.

“My time here has been amazing,” he remarked. “Over the past years, I have been able to share the stage with the cast and crew, and for that, I am grateful. Most importantly, I want to thank all of you for your kindness and love. I won’t ever forget you.”

Why is Finn leaving General Hospital
Michael Easton

“I feel like the luckiest man on earth as I walk out of here for the last time,” he uttered, apologizing to the legendary Lou Gehrig. “I appreciate your generosity. Love and gratitude are overflowing in my heart,” he captioned.

Does Season 61 of General Hospital feature Michael Easton’s Hamilton Finn’s death?

No, Dr. Hamilton Finn, played by Michael Easton, does not pass away in Season 61 of General Hospital.

Following the tragic death of his father, Gregory Chase, in General Hospital, Michael Easton’s character, Dr. Hamilton Finn, says goodbye to Port Charles. Gregory, who is battling ALS, hopes to see his son Chase and Brook Lynn get married before he passes away. After learning of his father’s death, Finn resolves to take a much-needed break and start over.


“I hope they don’t recast Finn. Michael Easton did a great job in that role,” a fan commented.

“Michael Easton, you will be missed! “I hope you decided to leave and not the GH team,” said another.

“I truly hope that they bring Michael Easton back at the end of his rehab,” a third added.

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