Why did Maria Bello leave NCIS?

Over the past 20 years, NCIS has seen several cherished fan favorites come and leave, including forensic psychologist Jack Sloane (played by Maria Bello). In The First Day, episode 18 of the CBS police procedural’s 18th season, she was bid a loving farewell. Although some fans were stunned when she left the show, those in the know would have known this was inevitable.

For three years, Maria Bello, an accomplished member of the cast, had been playing Jack Sloane. Bello’s contract was originally for three years, but she opted not to renew it, therefore the time had come for her to go.

Bello did consent to return for the first seven episodes of season 18 despite the limitations of her contract to give her character the satisfying conclusion she deserved.

Why exactly did Maria Bello leave “NCIS”?

Simply because her contract has expired, Maria is waving goodbye to Sloane and the rest of the NCIS group, according to CinemaBlend. Her initial contract called for three years, which corresponded to seasons 15–17.

However, issues related to the coronavirus epidemic caused season 17 to conclude abruptly. Maria thankfully continued to appear in a few episodes of season 18 so that her character could go goodbye in style.

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She could be leaving NCIS to seek other chances as well. Maria will be a writer and producer for the upcoming film The Woman King, which is being produced by Newsweek. It supposedly stars Viola Davis and is about an all-female military unity.

What occurs to Sloane on “NCIS” then?

That is still a mystery. She expressed to Gibbs her desire to “just be,” maybe on a beach, and to calm down.

Why did Maria Bello leave NCIS?
Why did Maria Bello leave NCIS?

However, the information for her final episode implies a different outcome: “Gibbs travels with Sloane to find a group of girls who were abducted from a bus after her name is found in Afghanistan at the scene of an abandoned bus with a dead driver. McGee, Bishop, and Torres also find a hacker who sent the Taliban incriminating material via email.

What are the fans saying?

It will be a sad day when her final episode airs because viewers have enjoyed Maria as Jack Sloane for the past several seasons. Particularly considering that viewers had been hoping Sloane and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) would one day find love. Hey, a chance still exists!

‘NCIS’ Star Maria Bello Bids Farewell

Maria Bello gave a touching Instagram tribute to the NCIS group. NCIS director Mark Harmon was captured on camera kissing her forehead.

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She admitted that she gave the team a speech as part of an appropriate departure. There are “quite a few assholes” in the entertainment industry, according to Bello. On the NCIS set, however, “there is not one in front of or behind the camera.”

However, the coronavirus epidemic caused Season 17 to end early. Given how popular the program is there will soon be a new spinoff called NCIS: Hawaii.

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