What happened to Wendy Williams? Where is our favorite TV host?

Wendy Williams, a legendary television host, has left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry thanks to her distinct taste, frankness, and charisma.

Williams has established herself as a popular figure in pop culture thanks to her enthralling interviews, unreserved opinions, and contagious enthusiasm. But recently there has not been much news buzzing about Wendy. Let us find out what happened to Wendy Williams.

On June 17, Wendy Williams’ tenure on The Wendy Williams Show came to an end, and her upcoming return date is unknown.

Due to some medical issues, Williams took an indefinite leave of absence from the program in 2021. Since the start of the 13th season in October 2021 (which itself was delayed from September due to a COVID-19 infection), the program has been regularly hosted by a variety of guest hosts.

Sherri Shepherd will host a replacement program for The Wendy Williams Show called Sherri starting in the 2022–2023 season, according to a February 2022 announcement from Debmar-Mercury. Some close friends and insiders of the media mogul are concerned about her sobriety.

The syndicated talk show ended on June 17 after a rotation of guest hosts, who stood in for Williams while she attended to health issues, according to a statement from September 2021. Williams, however, stated that she hoped to return to her recognizable purple chair soon as the series came to a close. 

What happened to Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams is experiencing health issues and taking some time for herself. She has experienced many ups and downs throughout her life, both personally and professionally. She has recently experienced health problems and substance abuse.  

Alcohol addiction: Wendy was spotted drinking lonely

According to Page Six, Williams, 58, was seen drinking in February at her preferred dining establishment Fresco by Scott in New York City. The New Jersey native finished the evening at The Townhouse, a gay bar, where he consumed a few more alcoholic beverages.

The Ask Wendy author appeared “lonely” when dining alone at the well-known Italian restaurant, according to Rob Shuter, the host of the Naughty But Nice podcast, who also said the author “lit up like a Christmas tree” when he recognized a familiar face. On his most recent podcast, Shuter also discussed his encounter with the host of The Wendy Williams Show.

What happened to Wendy Williams Where is our favorite TV host
What happened to Wendy Williams? / Credit: Getty Images

According to a second witness, Williams “kept saying she wanted to get drunk” and was considering moving to Los Angeles in three weeks. Williams entered an undisclosed rehab center in September 2022 to receive alcoholism treatment. The soon-to-be podcaster claimed to feel “better than ever” after spending two months at the facility.

The news comes just one month after the media guru was seen entering NYC’s Fresco by Scotto for dinner with friends in February while smiling and seeming upbeat in photos. The actress smiled broadly as she stopped to give photographers a brief update on her health while wearing a leather Louis Vuttion coat and matching denim shorts. Williams claimed to have just returned from the doctor with encouraging news.

Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Issues

Due to complications with Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism, the former radio host took three weeks off from The Wendy Williams Show from late February to mid-March 2018.

According to a show representative, Wendy’s doctor advised a necessary three-week break from work to get her levels and medication in balance.

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Wendy William – FAQs

What condition does Wendy have?

Following the release of paparazzi images revealing her swollen ankles, Williams revealed her diagnosis on “The Wendy Williams Show” in 2019. Williams said, “By the way, I have been diagnosed with lymphedema. How dare you mention the swelling of it all? It will not kill me, but I do have a machine.

Where is Wendy Williams now?

The 58-year-old has reportedly battled several illnesses, including lymphedema and Graves’ disease that has been made worse by alcoholism and has been in and out of a wellness center over the past few years, according to Shelby.

Can you get pregnant with Graves disease?

The best chance for a healthy pregnancy and delivery is early planning and collaboration with a treatment team, which is why so many women with Graves’ disease have healthy babies.

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