What happened to the Turpin children?

Most people are familiar with the Turpin case. The tale of the 13 Turpin kids, who were saved by their two parents, David and Louise Turpin, in 2018 from abuse, torture, and imprisonment, made national headlines.

And in 2019, all 13 of David and Louise Turpin’s children were falsely imprisoned and they were all charged with multiple counts of child abuse, torture, and cruelty.

The Turpin Case – The Tale of 13 Turpin Kids

In the Turpin case, the parents of the children were abusive toward the dependent adults. David and Louise Turpin, of Perris, California, in the United States. Between 2 and 29 years old were the 13 victims.

On January 14, 2018, Jordan Turpin, a 17-year-old, reported breaking into the house and calling the police. This prompted the officers to search the house and find disturbing evidence.

Given the number of dependents involved, the severity of the abuse, and the protracted nature of the abuse occurring over decades, the story received significant national and international news coverage. Family abuse specialists deemed the case to be “extraordinary” for a variety of reasons.

What happened to the Turpin children?

Six of the 13 Turpin siblings who were rescued in 2018 from a life of captivity in their parents’ Perris, California, home have sued Riverside County and the private foster care organization tasked with looking after them, alleging they endured “severe abuse and neglect” for years in foster care after their rescue.

In two lawsuits submitted electronically throughout the night in a California court, the six youngest Turpin siblings claim that the foster family they were placed with after being rescued by authorities in 2018 subjected them to physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. The children also claim in their legal complaints that when warned of “severe” abuse and neglect, the authorities in charge of managing their care “failed to report” it.

What happened to the Turpin children?
What happened to the Turpin children? (Image Credit: Fox News)

Despite the siblings’ warnings to authorities about the abuse, authorities kept the siblings in the foster home for three years, the complaint claims. The siblings’ “severe” abuse allegedly included “hitting them in the face with sandals, pulling their hair, hitting them with a belt, and striking their heads.”  The foster family was later detained and accused of numerous counts of abuse and neglect; they have since entered a not-guilty plea.

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According to the complaint, the county and ChildNet were made aware of the Turpin siblings’ continued abuse at the hands of the foster family, but neither law enforcement nor child protective services were notified of this. ChildNet and the county, according to the complaint, “actively withheld this information from the authorities.”

What happened on the night of January 14?

In January 2018, Jordan Turpin, then 17 years old, pulled off a daring escape during the night and dialed 911, which led to the rescue of the Turpin siblings from their parent’s house.

Authorities later learned that their parents had brutally beaten them, denied them food and sleep, neglected their hygiene, neglected their education, and neglected their health.

Jordan Turpin, then 17 years old, had never spent much time outside before 2018. She called 911 on an old cell phone her parents were not aware of while picturing her siblings chained up at the house.

A life sentence with the possibility of parole was imposed on David and Louise Turpin after they entered a guilty plea to 14 felony counts in 2019. Four of the 13 siblings are still in foster care as of today, though Booth claims they are all now living together and safely in a new home.

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Turpin Children – FAQs

What does Jordan Turpin do now?

At the age of 17, Jordan Turpin was able to leave the violent home she shared with her parents and seek assistance. After five years, she has established herself as an influencer and has contracts with modeling and entertainment agencies. According to Turpin, who cries daily, she still has issues with her past.

What happened to Turpin’s children after escape?

The Turpin children are reportedly being neglected by Riverside County social services, some are homeless, and none of them can use the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to them, according to an investigation for the ABC news magazine 20/20, which covered the case for the November 2021 special Escape from a House of Horror.

Which Turpin sibling escaped?

Turpin’s family home, where she and her 12 siblings were imprisoned. Before Jordan successfully escaped through a window on January 14, 2018, David and Louise Turpin beat, starved, and chained their children to their beds while forcing them to live in squalor.

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