What happened to Talia Bishop on The Rookie? Why did Bishop leave The Rookie?

Talia Bishop starred opposite Nathan Fillion in the Season 1 of “The Rookie.” However, Bishop could not continue the ABC crime drama show after Season 1.

In this article, we will discuss why Bishop left The Rookie just after one season.

The Rookie

The famous police drama of ABC, “The Rookie,” revolves around the life of John Nolan, a man divorced in his 40s, who serves as a police officer at the Police Department of Los Angeles.

The series is inspired by a true incident of a real-life Police Officer, William Norcross, serving in the Los Angeles Police Department. The officer moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and joined the Police Department in his mid-40s. The show, released in October 2018, gained popularity. Currently, it is running its fifth season.

Talia Bishop

Talia Bishop was a training officer in the Los Angeles Police Department, assigned to Mid-Wilshire Division. Actress Afton Williamson has beautifully portrayed the character of Talia Bishop in the show.

Williamson starred opposite John Nolan (Nathan Fillion). Nolan is also a Police Officer under the same division. Talia was given the duty of training John Nolan.

Bishop told Nolan about her childhood and that it was turbulent. Bishop was raised in a family as a foster child and called her childhood “turbulent.” Bishop claimed that she had been angry all the time, but gradually she got past that.

In Season 1, Episode 4 of “The Rookie,” Bishop said that the sooner someone stops feeling sorry about themselves and does whatever has to be done, the better they will be.

Why did Talia Bishop leave The Rookie? 

Fans who continuously are watching their favorite show, The Rookie, have been raising a question for so long, “What happened to Bishop, why did Bishop leave The Rookie?”

Afton Williamson, the actress portraying Talia Bishop in The Rookie, confessed that she left the show when she experienced alleged racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying on the set.

Afton Williamson used the medium of Instagram to expose the truth behind her exit from the show. She accused that she had been facing racial discrimination throughout the shooting. She was receiving racially inappropriate comments from the hair department, and the executive producers were also bullying her.

What happened to Talia Bishop on The Rookie Why did Bishop leave The Rookie
What happened to Talia Bishop on The Rookie?

Bishop also alleged that Demetrius Grosse, a recurring guest star, had been sexually harassing her during the season. She had to face racist comments and bullying from the hair department. Bishop claimed that she reported the harassment directly to Alexi Hawley, the showrunner. However, it was said that her allegations were neither documented nor reported to HR. 

Williamson also said that the head of the hair department was fired only because of the case of sexual harassment. No one took any action when it came to years of hatred racist language and bullying behavior.

Afton added that she was asked to return in the second season of the show, “The Rookie,” however, she turned it down and walked away.

How was Bishop written off “The Rookie?” 

In the premiere of Season 2, it was shown that Talia Bishop had quit the Los Angeles Police Department and joined the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the post of Special Agent.

Bishop’s promotion to the Los Angeles Police Department was stalling as she would never disclose the information regarding her foster brother when she applied. 

Jessica claimed that Talia Bishop was smart enough that she joined the job over at ATF.  

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Talia Bishop

Why did Talia Bishop leave The Rookie?

Talia Bishop (Afton Williamson) claimed that she experienced sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and bully throughout the first season, after which she decided to leave the show. 

Who was Talia Bishop in The Rookie?

Talia Bishop served as a training officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. She was given the duty of training John Nolan. 

What is The Rookie?

The Rookie is a famous American Police drama show based on true events. The show revolves around a 40 years old police officer who recently went through a divorce with his wife.

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