What happened to Storme Warren on the Highway? Is he fired from the show?

American radio and television personality Storme Warren is well-known for his enthralling work in the entertainment business. He has served as the host of well-liked programmes like The Storme Warren Show on The Highway on SiriusXM and Headline Country on GAC Television.

Keep up with the most recent, stunning information on his career choices, and explore the interesting world of this gifted individual.

Storme Warren: Who is he?

The Storme Warren Show, which used to air weekday mornings on the SiriusXM channel The Highway, was hosted by Storme Warren, an American television and radio personality.

The popular entertainment news magazine program Headline Country, which ran on the GAC Television network for 12 years, was produced by Storme through his own company, Stone Beaver Productions.

What happened to Storme Warren on the Highway?

The Highway on SiriusXM no longer has Storme Warren as the host of the morning program The Storme Warren. On May 12, Country Aircheck was the first to reveal his departure, and Music Row later corroborated the information.

The news has shocked his followers and listeners, signaling that Warren’s resignation was abrupt and unexpected, even if he hasn’t made any formal statements on his social media profiles. Warren’s staff has been reached by Taste of Country for input, however, no reaction has been gotten at this point.

According to Country Aircheck, Storme parted ways with The Highway on May 12 and has since departed SiriusXM to seek other opportunities.

Although Storme hasn’t yet revealed his next move, he did tweet a message after leaving SiriusXM. It is evident that Storme left SiriusXM on her initiative and not because she was fired from the network.

Storme Warren: Did he leave the highway?

Yes. Storme Warren, host of SiriusXM’s The Highway morning show, has left the company after nearly 20 years, as announced by MusicRow on May 12, his final day.

What happened to Storme Warren on the Highway
What happened to Storme Warren on the Highway?

In 2023, Warren, a seasoned member of the Nashville media community, will mark his 36th year in the business. He has been in charge of the Hot 30 Countdown and Prime Country interview specials while hosting the morning show on SiriusXM The Highway.

Fans appeared to be a little taken aback by the announcement, indicating that Storme’s departure wasn’t anticipated or planned.

Though they might have been shocked by Storme’s leaving, followers still wished him luck in his future endeavors.

Storme and SiriusXM: Togetherness of 20 years has ended

Although Storme didn’t host The Highway for the entirety of his career, he has been associated with SiriusXM in some capacity for close to two decades. In that time, Storme has also served as the host of numerous significant country music gatherings in and around Nashville.

It is unknown who will present the regular weekend countdown of the top 30 country music after Storme’s departure, however, Macie Banks will continue to host The Highway as the show’s sole host in the meantime. The SiriusXM company has some very big shoes to fill in the wake of Storme’s departure.

The information demonstrates that Storme quit the network on his initiative, not as a result of being terminated. Storme tweeted his appreciation to SiriusXM, mentioning, in particular, The Highway team, fans, and employees. He gushed about how much fun he had working with the organization and how fortunate he was to anchor the morning show.

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Storme Warren – FAQs

How long did Storme Warren work for the Highway?

He worked for 20 years. He last attended it on 12th May.

Who took Storme Warren’s place?

Until a permanent replacement is found, Warren’s longstanding co-host Macie Banks will handle morning duties alone. Banks started working for the station in 2021, and her responsibilities have grown.

What happened to Storme Warren on the Highway?

According to the information, Storme quit the network on his own, not as a result of being dismissed. Storme congratulated SiriusXM in a tweet, mentioning, in particular, The Highway crew, fans, and employees. He commented on how wonderful it was to work for the organization and how fortunate he was to host the morning show.

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