What happened to Storme on The Highway?

Discover the captivating world of renowned radio and television personality, Storme Warren. Stay updated on his latest career choices and delve into the fascinating realm of this talented and engaging entertainment icon.

Follow the journey of The Storme Warren Show on SiriusXM’s The Highway and Headline Country on GAC Television.

Storme Warren: Who is he?

Storme Warren is a well-known radio and television personality from the United States who works in the entertainment industry. Popular shows like The Storme Warren Show on The Highway on SiriusXM and Headline Country on GAC Television have featured him as the host.

Storme created the popular entertainment news magazine program Headline Country through his production firm, Stone Beaver Productions, which was carried on the GAC Television network for 12 years.

What happened to Storme on The Highway?

Storme Warren is no longer the host of The Storme Warren in the Morning on The Highway on SiriusXM. His resignation was first announced on May 12 by Country Aircheck, and Music Row later confirmed the details.

Warren hasn’t officially announced his departure on his social media pages, but the news has surprised his fans and listeners, indicating that it was sudden and unexpected. Taste of Country has contacted Warren’s employees for feedback, but no response has been received as of yet.

Storme left The Highway on May 12 and has now left SiriusXM to pursue other possibilities, according to Country Aircheck. Storme tweeted a message after quitting SiriusXM, even though he hasn’t yet disclosed what he’ll be doing next. Storme departed SiriusXM voluntarily and not because the network terminated her employment.

Storme Warren’s Unexpected Exit: A Surprising Departure from SiriusXM’s The Highway

As confirmed by MusicRow on May 12, Storme Warren, host of SiriusXM’s The Highway morning show, has departed the organization after working there for close to 20 years.

Warren, a seasoned media professional in Nashville, will celebrate his 36th year in the industry in 2023. He hosts the morning show on SiriusXM The Highway and is in charge of the Hot 30 Countdown and Prime Country interview specials.

The reaction of the audience to the news suggested that Storme’s departure was unexpected and unplanned.

Even if they may have been surprised by Storme’s departure, supporters still sent him their best wishes for his future endeavors.

Storme’s Departure: A Legendary Legacy at SiriusXM’s The Highway

Storme has been connected to SiriusXM in some form for nearly 20 years, even though he didn’t host The Highway for the whole of his tenure. During that time, Storme has also hosted several important country music events in and around Nashville.

What happened to Storme on The Highway
What happened to Storme on The Highway?

After Storme leaves, it’s unclear who will host the weekly countdown of the top 30 country songs; in the interim, Macie Banks will continue to host The Highway as the show’s lone host. After Storme’s departure, the SiriusXM corporation will have some very big shoes to fill.

The data shows that Storme left the network voluntarily rather than as a result of being fired. He bragged about how much pleasure it was to work for the company and how lucky he was to be the morning show’s host.

Storme Warren’s Mysterious Next Move

While Warren has informed his followers that he is leaving The Highway, he hasn’t yet shared information about his new job.

Warren added that he intends to discuss upcoming projects or his new employment shortly.

This indicates that he is developing fresh ideas and intends to shortly share them with his supporters and fans.

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Storme Warren – FAQs

Is Storme Warren still on The Highway?

MusicRow has informed that Storme Warren, host of SiriusXM’s The Highway Morning show, is departing the organization after nearly 20 years. His final day is today, May 12.

Who will handle the highway in place of Storme Warren?

Warren’s longtime co-host Macie Banks will handle morning duties alone until a permanent successor is identified. In 2021, banks began working at the station, and since then, her responsibilities have increased.

Is Storme Warren fired from Highway?

Storme left the network on his initiative rather than as a result of being fired per the information. Storme tweeted his congratulations to SiriusXM, specifically addressing the Highway cast, audience, and staff. He expressed his gratitude for the company and his good fortune as the morning program host. 

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