What happened to Starlight’s face? Erin Moriarty’s Plastic Surgery Allegations Explained

Famed for her portrayal of Starlight in The Boys, Erin Moriarty faced allegations of having plastic surgery.

The Boys is a harsh and violent television series that elevates issues from the real world. The Amazon series has gained popularity due to its impressive cast, which includes Jack Quaid, Karl Urban, Erin Moriarty, Antony Starr, and more. However, Erin Moriarty’s trolling has become a major problem.

The actress does not seem to be in a good place, as evidenced by the accusations that she has had plastic surgery and the outright trolling that her face is getting ugly. Fans of the actress were infuriated by some recent photos that went viral online!

What happened to Starlight’s face? 

In a photo, Erin’s face looked a little bit different. 

Rumors started spreading that the actress had undergone plastic surgery to keep her young for the role of Starlight in The Boys.

When so-called fans of The Boys attacked Erin Moriarty for “ruining” her face, the actress took herself off social media in response to the abuse. After they went viral, former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly felt compelled to comment, accusing Moriarty of having a plastic surgery “addiction.”

The actor stated in a long-since-deleted Instagram post from January 2024, “This is something I never anticipated writing.” Although bullying happens to all of us at some point in our lives, I find it appalling and thought it was necessary to take a moment to speak out about it.

In her closing remarks, she expressed her horror at the response, the reductive assumptions, and the video that serves as a prime example of this kind of harassment. It has broken my heart.  And with that, she took herself off the platform. 

Speculation is that the actress has undergone several cosmetic operations, such as lip injections or a nose job.

Here’s how Erin Moriarty handled bullying related to plastic surgery

“For a few months, I thought my career was over,” she said, “because there was so much attention brought to something that I was told never to address.” The attention included increased paparazzi surveillance, and online commentary went into overdrive.

Moriarty had the support of her co-stars, particularly Karen Fukuhara, who plays Kimiko in The Boys. “I was really worried about her for a while,” she told the Times. 

Nevertheless, incredible things transpired after Moriarty revealed her experience of being harassed online. Women began confiding their stories to her. In the process, she became a real-life Starlight.

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