What happened to Rob Marciano? The “Screaming Match” That Put an End to Rob Marciano’s Career as a GMA Weatherman

American journalist and meteorologist Robert Mark Marciano worked for ABC News. Marciano most recently worked for Entertainment Tonight before joining ABC.

Marciano’s job at ABC News ended on April 30, 2024, due to what the press described as “behavioral issues related to anger management” and “allegedly inappropriate behaviors.”

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What happened to Rob Marciano? 

The network has fired Marciano, the senior meteorologist for ABC’s “World News Tonight” and the weekend version of “Good Morning America.”

Marciano, who has been with ABC since 2014, was reportedly terminated over anger management issues. The sources claim that Marciano had a blowout with producers for “Good Morning America,” which was reported to network higher-ups, who decided to let him go.

What happened to Rob Marciano
Rob Marciano

According to the sources, “GMA” chief meteorologist Ginger Zee alerted everyone to the argument. According to a different New York Post story, the two did not get along and that Marciano’s temper and Zee’s “nasty” personality frequently clashed. 

He and Zee also disagreed about where they stood in the network. The network’s flagship program, “World News Tonight,” usually featured Marciano, with Zee receiving more airtime on the highly regarded “GMA.” It was also reported that Marciano’s weekend gig for “GMA” was a source of pain.

According to sources, the weatherman allowed personal matters — primarily his divorce — to affect his demeanor at work. He would arrive in a “grumpy” state or cause discomfort for female employees by “oversharing” information about his split from ex-wife Eryn Marciano.

Because of his actions, management last year banned him from the “GMA” studios in Times Square after coworkers voiced their concerns.

It’s unclear when the dispute occurred, but it was reportedly the “last straw” for the network. 

Nothing is known about Marciano’s potential replacement. Former “GMA” forecaster Sam Champion, who appears on WABC’s morning and midday newscasts in New York City, has filled in for both Marciano and Zee in the past. 

A former colleague at CNN said that watching the weatherman’s negative coverage made her “heart hurt.” “I love Rob. Throughout my ten years of employment there, no one looked out for the field crew more than he did, and no one supported my career in that building more than he did,” she remarked. “I dealt with a lot of horrible people and had a lot of unpleasant experiences at CNN.”

Before Marciano’s official exit, the meteorologist had been “temporarily banned” from the “Good Morning America” studio, “due to allegedly inappropriate behaviors.

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