What happened to Nina Dobrev? She shared photos of her riding the vehicle before the injuries

Nina Kamenova Dobreva is a Canadian actress known for portraying Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in the CW’s supernatural drama series The Vampire Diaries.

The Canadian actress, who is in a relationship with professional snowboarder Shaun White, 37, is known for her daredevil behavior in outdoor sports.

What happened to Nina Dobrev? 

Nina encountered an incident.

Nina Dobrev shared a health update on Instagram with photos after a recent injury that left her with a neck and knee brace. The Originals actress also posted a selfie to her Instagram Stories from the hospital bed, showing off a dejected expression on her lower lip.

Nina wore a black cardigan, and shorts while riding a motorcycle. And she was lying in a hospital bed in the next picture. With an injured emoji, she wrote, “How it started vs. How it is going,” as the caption for the Instagram post from May 20. But don’t worry, she updated her followers on Instagram Stories, saying, “I am ok.

Following her announcement of her injury, Ashley Greene from Twilight and other fans of Nina sent their best wishes. Ashley wrote, “Always going big, heal fast,” along with a wink emoji. 

Pre-Accident positivity

She also included a photo in the carousel from shortly before the accident.

In it, the TV star posed on the small black motorcycle in a matching black set consisting of shorts, a top, and a sweater, all with white stripes along the hems. Nina paired the outfit with white socks and sneakers and added brown sunglasses to top it off. The actress flashed her signature brunette hair and bangs while grinning for the camera. 

Following the conclusion of her tenure as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on “The Vampire Diaries” in 2017, the actress from both film and television has been occupied with producing, acting, and exploring the world of directing.

What happened to Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev

In an interview, she said, “Telling provocative, interesting, impactful stories for women by women has always been at the heart of many of the projects.” Dobrev, who was born in Bulgaria and later moved to Canada with her family, said, “There was not a lot of producing opportunities for me when I first moved to the United States.”

“It took a while for me to get to where I am now, and part of it is me having the confidence and feeling like I can.

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