What happened to Matt on Last One Standing?

During the special episode Last One Standing, Matt Wright, a survivalist and television personality best known for his appearances on Naked and Afraid, was forced to leave the show after suffering a serious leg injury. He initially believed it was an insect bite, but as his condition deteriorated, a flesh-eating bacterial infection was discovered to be the cause of his illness.

To save his limb, he underwent treatment and got critical care. Matt Wright has stated a wish to return in later seasons, while details of his recuperation and future plans for the programme are unknown.

Matt Right: Who is he?

Matt Wright is a survivalist, explorer, and television personality who has participated in multiple seasons of Naked and Afraid, a reality series where contestants must stay alive in the wilderness without food or supplies.

Brooke Benham Wright, who appeared with him on the show, is his wife.

He is a Colorado resident who likes the outdoors, animals, and challenges. He also runs a survival school called Extreme Instinct.

What is Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing?

A spin-off of Naked and Afraid is the reality TV program Naked and Afraid XL, which airs on the Discovery Channel.

It follows a team of survival professionals who are forced to spend 40 days in the wilderness without supplies, food, or clothing.

They can only carry one or two objects of their choosing to help them and must contend with hard settings, hazardous animals, and one another.

Their physical and mental stamina, as well as their survival instincts and teamwork, are put to the test on the show.

Nine seasons of the show have already aired, with each season taking place in a new locale, such as Louisiana, South Africa, Ecuador, Colombia, and South Africa.

The series has also included a few special episodes, such as Naked and Afraid: Savage, in which Matt Wright lived alone in Africa for 21 days, and Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing, in which the survivalists fought against one another in a white-water rafting race.

What happened to Matt on Last One Standing?

Matt Wright, the star of Naked and Afraid, suffered a leg injury on the July 9 episode. Despite being the favorite to win, he was forced to leave Last One Standing after it was discovered that his leg was spasming due to an injury.

My leg is still hurt,” he declared. In whatever I did, I performed a great job. I’m aware that today will be painful. Will it cause me trouble? In my opinion, no. I won’t allow it to happen.

What happened to Matt on Last One Standing
What happened to Matt on Last One Standing?

He first believed it was a serious bug bite when he first felt soreness in his foot around day seventeen.

Sadly, the discomfort increased, and his foot soon developed a blister. He persisted in the show despite these obstacles.

But as the blister grew larger and became an open sore, his foot became immovable.

A flesh-eating bacterial illness made up of four different species of bacteria was discovered during further testing.

His foot’s flesh was being rapidly devoured by the virus, so he had to leave the performance and get help right once.

Fortunately, he received intensive care and was hospitalized in Ecuador for a week to save his limb. Due to this ordeal, I experienced excruciating pain, bodily degradation, and the looming prospect of losing a limb or maybe passing away.

However, Matt Wright made a spectacular recovery and is looking forward to returning to Naked and Afraid in subsequent seasons.

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Does Matt sustain any injuries during Last One Standing?

The serious leg injury Matt has may preclude him from taking on the assignment. The rafts used by the survivalists are harmed by the whitewater movement. Gary confronts Matt and Waz, which causes the situation to get more tense. The dynamics of the competition are altered by new camp arrangements.

From Naked and Afraid: Last Man Standing, who was eliminated?

When coworker Steven Lee Hall, Jr., appeared to perform a dirty trick on Sarah Bartell, the only female survivor left on the show, she was fired. Hall, Jr. ignored Bartell’s protests when she confronted him after learning of her friend’s treachery.

What season will Matt return?

11th season. Fans of Chicago Fire were ecstatic to see Jesse Spencer as Captain Matt Casey in the season 11 finale, who is a fan favourite. However, the episode’s significant cliffhanger kept them on the edge of their seats.

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