What happened to Levi Wright? Mom of Levi Wright Responds to “Hurtful Words” Following Son’s Death

The mother of Levi Wright, who lost her three-year-old son when he fell into a southern Utah creek while operating a toy tractor, told how the fast-moving water carried her son away.

Kallie Wright posted on social media, saying, “Until you have been to my place, it is hard to paint a picture of how something like this can happen.”

Levi Wright, the son of rodeo star Spencer Wright, died Saturday after his parents decided to take him off life support. Since the incident that sent the child to the hospital, Kallie Wright has been the target of hurtful messages accusing her of being to blame for her son’s condition.

“It’s hard to watch internet trolls tear down your best friend for a tragic accident that occurred, to the point where she’s up in the middle of the night writing out a post like this,” Clark said, referring to Kallie Wright’s most recent Facebook update.

What happened to Levi Wright?

Levi Wright Dies After Driving Toy Tractor Into Creek

Clark verified that Levi had passed away on June 2. A representative for the family, Mindy Sue Clark, announced that a celebration of life service will take place in Beaver, Utah. Levi crashed his toy tractor into a nearby Utah river on May 21. One mile downstream, the rescuers discovered the toddler unconscious.

Levi asked his mother if he could ride his tractor on the day of the accident. According to Kallie’s post, the answer was yes, but he was forbidden to go near the creek.

What happened to Levi Wright
Levi Wright

I will live with the consequences of that choice for the rest of my days. He was entirely my responsibility at that particular moment,” wrote Kallie. “I honestly do not know if I went back to put lunch away, wash a bottle, switch the laundry, or check on my sleeping baby. Whatever it was, it was not as important as following him that day.”

“I will never sleep again over this, even though I believe that our stories are written long before we are born and that our Lord will take us when he is ready. “However, I am certain of three things with this. 1. I am a good mom, but I am not a perfect mom. 2. My young son gave me his undivided love. 3. Never say never because you could experience it too; it only takes a few seconds.”

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