What happened to Lance on Bones? John Francis Daley of Bones Broke Down Following a Tragic Final Day As Sweets

American comedy-drama Bones is a Hart Hanson-created television series that blends humor and drama for Fox. It ran for 246 episodes over 12 seasons, from September 13, 2005, to March 28, 2017, when it ended. Forensic archaeology and anthropology serve as the foundation for the program.

Bones is a joint production by Josephson Entertainment and Far Field Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television and syndicated by 20th Television. The show is 20th Century Fox Television’s longest-running one-hour drama series.

In this article, we will discuss why John Francis Daley left Bones in the Season 10 premiere and what led to Sweets’ death in Bones. The actor explained how his final day of filming went down and, unfortunately, it wound up being a very lonely experience for him. Unlike other character’s farewells, the actor had a rough last day.

What happened to Lance on Bones? 

FBI Psychologist Lance Sweets was killed off

The season 10 premiere saw Sweets’ demise. According to Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan, Sweets was killed because Daley requested time off to direct a film. Daley’s absence was deemed excessive, particularly if the directing position resulted in other employment.

Not only did John Francis Daley’s beloved character pass away, but a Navy Seal also beat him to death in a parking garage. An abrupt ending was given to a character who had been a mainstay of the show for seven seasons.

What happened to Lance on Bones
Lance Sweets

The cast and crew exhibit a great deal of mutual emotion when an actor leaves a show after a long run. That’s not how it went down for Daley on his last day. In an interview, Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan shed some light on the situation soon after the season 10 premiere: 

“We had to make a difficult and convoluted decision. On the set, a lot of people cried. Everyone adores John. He is regarded as a vital and significant family member. It hurt so much to lose him. I am hoping it will result in something positive for the show’s future.”

After his death, James Aubrey, a junior FBI agent working under Booth and the newest main character on Bones, replaced Lance Sweets.

What is John Francis Daley doing now?

Together with writing partner Jonathan Goldstein, he is currently enjoying a successful career as a screenwriter. Over the past three years, the two have sold multiple scripts, including the summer hit, Horrible Bosses (2011).

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