What happened to Kyra on Reba? Does Kyra come back in season 6 of Reba?

TV series frequently experience significant cast changes. One such instance is the replacement of Aunt Viv in Season 3 of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. At times, characters vanish completely, sometimes with very spooky consequences. Judy Winslow, for example, abruptly disappeared from Family Matters and left no explanation behind.

Fans of Reba also observed that Kyra’s screen time was limited during Season 5. What happened to her since she appeared in just two episodes?

What happened to Kyra on Reba? 

When Scarlett Pomers went missing, she was struggling with anorexia.

Actress Scarlett Pomers played Reba’s middle child with a sassy attitude, always providing quips and comebacks at her young brother Jacob and brother-in-law Van’s expense. Many of the sitcom stars went on to have successful careers in entertainment thanks to it, though Pomers has not had many roles since the show ended in 2007. She did, however, form SCARLETT, a band that put out the EP “Insane” in 2010.

Scarlett’s health problems were discovered, according to Amo Mama, as the cast was getting ready to shoot the fifth season of the show. Kyra has always had a small frame. But because of her anorexia, the actress reportedly lost weight, dropping to 73 lbs. Throughout the majority of filming Season 5, Pomers headed to a treatment facility to rectify her health issues.

What happened to Kyra on Reba

Consequently, her appearance in the fifth season of the show was limited to two episodes. After completing her treatment, she returned to Season 6, and the showwriters handled her exit from the previous season deftly. The title character of the show asks Kyra where she is been, and she says, “I went to get something to eat,” when she walks in Reba’s door.

Following the completion of the sixth and final season of the show, Scarlett declared her intention to retire from acting and devote her time to photography and music. She frequently performs at Whiskey a Go Go and the House of Blues.

The fact that Scarlett was highly praised for a role she had before the sitcom is intriguing because it shows that she might have pursued acting after Reba.

Her portrayal of the half-Ktarian, half-human character Naomi Wildman in Star Trek: Voyager earned her the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Drama Series from a Supporting Actress.

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