What happened to Justin on Q101? Justin Nettlebeck Leaves Q101

Justin, the previous host of Q101, announced his departure from the program on Instagram but did not go into great detail about why.

He expressed his love and gratitude for his fans, whom he considers family, saying that they have helped him realize his dreams and have been by his side constantly.

Who is Justin Q101?

The “Q101 Morning Crew” at Cumulus Alternative “Q101” WKQX Chicago is hosted by Justin Nettlebeck, Brian Haddad, and Ali Mattacola since his affiliation with WKQX in December 2018.

He produced several radio programs before his time at WKQX, including the syndicated “Free Beer & Hot Wings,” “Marco, Jackie, & Moote” at KLCK Seattle, and “Fitz in the Morning” at KKWF Seattle.

However, Nettlebeck announced on social media that he had left the station just a few days after Kenzie K’s appointment as the show’s new co-host was announced.

Justin on leaving Q101

Without going into great detail about the reasons, Justin, the previous host of Q101, announced his departure from the program on Instagram.

His fans, whom he considers family, received a heartfelt message from him in which he expressed his gratitude and love for them and said that they had always supported him and helped him realize his dreams.

What happened to Justin on Q101
What happened to Justin on Q101?

He reflected on the last 4+ years, filled with laughter, tears, and good times. Justin reassured his followers on Facebook and Instagram that he will always be there for them. He also urged them to keep doing so.

Announcing his love and support for his fans through thick and thin, he concluded by thanking them for the experiences they had together and the connections they had made.

Why Did Justin Leave Q101?

The precise reasons for Justin’s termination from Q101 radio have not been made public. Justin did not give a detailed explanation of his decision to leave the show in his Instagram statement.

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Some fans theorized that it might be connected to modifications in the station’s management or format, while others conjectured that Justin might be pursuing different opportunities in the entertainment industry. The reasons for his departure are still unknown, though, since neither Justin nor the station have issued an official statement.

Who replaced Justin on Q101?

Justin has been replaced as the show is starred by Kenzie K. Along with Brian Haddad, who was the host. Nettlebeck shared the news of the show’s cancellation on social media. Finding out why he left the program is something that people are curious about. He has not, however, disclosed the reason for his departure from the program.

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Justin on Q101 – FAQs

Did Justin leave Q101 Chicago?

Just a few days after Justin Nettlebeck and Brian Haddad announced Kenzie K would be joining them on the “Q101 Morning Crew” at Cumulus Alternative “Q101” WKQX Chicago, Nettlebeck has announced he is leaving the station.

What happened to Justin and Ali on Q101?

In case you missed it, Ali no longer works for the Chicago station; according to her former co-hosts Brian Haddad and Justin Nettlebeck, she decided not to renew her contract with Q101. Brian stated on the broadcast in November that Ali had made the decision not to re-sign with Q101.

Is Justin still on Q101 Morning Crew?

Kenzie K now stars in the show in place of Justin. He was hosting along with Brian Haddad. On social media, Nettlebeck announced that the show would be ending.

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