What happened to Justin and Ashlee on Zombie House Flipping?

Learn about the most recent rumours regarding renowned real estate agents Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly as rumours about their resignation from the hit programme Zombie House Flipping circulate.

Investigate the news to find out about their plans to concentrate on their successful careers and family life as well as any potential unexpected turns in their real estate adventure. Follow the most recent developments on this successful couple’s upcoming endeavours.

Ashlee Casserly: Who is she?

Ashlee Casserly is an accomplished and wealthy Irish real estate broker who also flips houses. After appearing in related television programs, she gained a lot of notoriety and popularity. Due to her remarkable abilities and dedication, Ashlee has achieved great success in her professional career.

She rose to fame and recognition after making an appearance on the TV show Zombie House Flipping. Currently, Ashlee Casserly ranks among the highest-earning celebrities in Ireland.

Justin Stamper: Who is he?

Orlando is the place of origin for Justin Stamper. In Central Florida, he became a full-time house flipper and wholesaler after purchasing the family’s foreclosed home at the age of 19 and flipping it. He then began purchasing homes at the courthouse steps auction.

With his business partner, Ashlee Casserly, he now runs a small agency called Blueprint Real Estate Group in Orlando’s Antique District. His chocolate lab, Marley, is Justin’s dependable ally and greatest friend.

Both Justin and Ashlee are a happy married couple. The adorable couple is blessed with two happy, healthy children, but Ashlee has not revealed their names or ages.

What happened to Ashlee Casserly and Justin Stamper on Zombie House Flipping?

Due to personal commitments, Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly have left Zombie House Flipping. The original Orlando group consists of Justin and Ashlee.

Ashlee’s Real Estate Journey

 For all four seasons, Ashlee appeared with her team. Fans are disappointed that the jovial realtor did not make an appearance with her team on the most current season of the show.

Casserly, who is originally from a small village in the Irish Midlands, relocated to the US after receiving her bachelor’s degree to live out her version of the American dream.

What happened to Justin and Ashlee on Zombie House Flipping
What happened to Justin and Ashlee on Zombie House Flipping?

She obtained her real estate license in 2007, but the property market also experienced a downturn at the same time. Casserly didn’t let that deter her and kept striving to realize her goals.

She persisted in her real estate endeavors and established a prosperous profession that included dealing in single-family homes in addition to buying or selling multi-million.

As a result of her participation in the A&E reality series, Casserly gained widespread attention. She decided to leave the show and concentrate on her company by restricting her broadcast appearances after four successful seasons, though. Dollar Properties.

Justin’s Journey: From Zombie House Flipping to Real Estate Success:

Justin, the project manager, left Zombie House Flipping to concentrate on his real life.

Additionally, despite the realtor’s absence from the current season, it appears from his Instagram photos that he has been keeping busy with house flips and running a profitable real estate firm.

When he started this firm by remodeling his family’s foreclosed home, he was only 19 years old.

He gained notoriety when he and his accomplice in crime Casserly were featured on the A&E show.

Are Justin and Ashlee ending their relationship?

Currently, there are no rumors about their divorce or separation and we will update the readers if any news comes out soon here.

Before getting married to each other, the couple dated for several years and tried to get to know each other well.

Ashlee Casserly, who was once single, is now blissfully wed to Justin Stamper. They met online. In addition to being a successful business owner, Justin Stamper is a licensed real estate agent.

Two healthy and adorable children were born to the attractive couple, but Ashlee hasn’t made their exact ages or real names public.

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Justin and Ashlee – FAQs

Is Ashlee still single?

Ashlee Casserly, who was once single, is now blissfully wed to Justin Stamper. They met online.

What is Ashlee Casserly doing right now?

At Stonebridge Real Estate Group, Ashlee is currently employed as an estate agent, an investment property consultant, and a Florida-licensed real estate agent.

What happened to Justin and Ashlee on Zombie House Flipping?

Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly have quit Zombie House Flipping due to personal obligations. Justin and Ashlee make up the original Orlando group.

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