What happened to Josh from Moonshiners? Updates on His Injuries and Recovery

When news of a serious motorcycle accident involving Josh Owens, one of the show’s adored cast members, broke, fans of the popular television program “Moonshiners” were horrified and alarmed.

Owens had developed a sizable fan base among viewers thanks to his charismatic presence and contributions to the show. Many fans of the show expressed their support and well-wishes for his recovery after hearing about the accident, which caused ripples of worry and sympathy throughout the community.

Who is Josh from Moonshiners?

Jim Tom Hedrick, a renowned moonshiner, gave birth to Josh Owens on August 28, 1977, in Columbus, North Carolina. He is 45 years old as of 2023 and has been a cast member of Moonshiners for the previous ten years. Josh Owens is a well-known character on the show, and his accident has shocked and saddened fans of the show.

Please send our friend Moonshiner Josh Owen’s healing prayers and good vibes as he suffered a bad crash while competing in a bike race in New Smyrna today, a fan pleaded on social media.

What happened to Josh from Moonshiners?

After a terrible accident on March 4 on Saturday, the star of Moonshiners, Josh Owens, managed to escape with wounds. During a motorcycle race, the incident took place at Florida’s Daytona International Speedway.

He broke his neck, back, arm, legs, and shoulder as a result of the incident, according to Owens. While the race was in progress, Owens suffered severe wounds. 

Injury update

For the first time since being hurt, the celebrity gave his fans an update on his condition through a video message from the hospital. Although he acknowledges in the video that he is barely holding on, Owens is optimistic about making a full recovery. He displayed a wound on his body that had 50 staples in it. He also showed off a sizable scar.

What happened to Josh from Moonshiners
What happened to Josh from Moonshiners?

Josh’s co-star on the television program Moonshiners, Richard Landry, reportedly said shortly after that he had spoken to people who had spoken to Josh’s family members, who said he was doing well but still had a long way to go toward recovery. This was according to TMZ.

Fans Unite in Support 

Josh Owens had previously been hospitalized. Near the end of 2021, Owens experienced a rotator cuff tear, which led to him breaking his ribs, left collarbone, and shoulder blade. It crashed because one of the tires on his vintage motorcycle had blown. He miraculously recovered fully, which was unexpected.

He will fully recover and go back to his old life, as some of his supporters have jokingly predicted. 

Internet users are expressing their love for Josh Owens in the wake of his motorcycle accident.

A Facebook page has been created in Josh Owens’ honor, and messages of encouragement and best wishes for a speedy recovery are pouring in.

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Josh from Moonshiners – FAQs

What injuries does Josh from Moonshiners have?

Josh suffered numerous injuries as a result, including “breaking all but one of his ribs, puncturing a lung, breaking his collarbone and shoulder blade, and stripping the skin off one of his pointer fingers down to the bone.” Josh should be able to fully recover from his most recent wounds.

Is Josh Owens the son of Jim and Tom Hedrick?

Jim Tom Hedrick, a renowned moonshiner, gave birth to Josh Owens on August 28, 1977, in Columbus, North Carolina. He is 45 years old as of 2023 and has been a cast member of Moonshiners for the previous ten years.

On Moonshiners, why did Josh and Bill part ways?

Although the cause of his departure has not yet been confirmed, many believe the frequent arguments he and Josh had were too much for him, and he wanted to live a drama-free life moving forward.

Nevertheless, Bill is a man of many skills, and throughout his time on the show, numerous cast members mentioned his aptitude for carpentry and construction.

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