What happened to Jean Tate in Emmerdale?

There is a lot of suspense. Loads of confusion and drama. What happened to Jean Tate in Emmerdale? Who is the father of Zoe’s daughter?

Before coming to these points, let’s understand the plotting of Emmerdale.

Who was Jean Tate in Emmerdale?

Jean Tate is a cute baby girl of Zoe Tate and Scott Windsor. Zoe and Scott went on a one-night stand, during which Jean was conceived. Unfortunately, Zoe has Schizophrenia, due to which she could not recall her one-night stand with Scott.

And after learning about her pregnancy, Zoe thinks that she had been raped. She was then suggested to abort the baby. However, she decided to carry the baby to term and then give it up for adoption.

On 24th January 2004, a little princess was born on Earth. Zoe named her baby girl after her late mother, Jean, Jean Tate. Despite getting a perfect parent for Jean, Zoe decided to raise Jean alone.

Now, what happened to Jean in Emmerdale?

Things are getting tougher for Jean after Zoe came to know that Scott was the father of her dear girl child, Jean Tate.

Scott knew the things always. However, he could not tell her about this due to Schizophrenia.

Well earlier, Zoe was not ready at all to understand and accept Scott as the father of her daughter. However, off to a rocky start, gradually Zoe started trusting Scott that he cares about their daughter.

What happened to Jean Tate in Emmerdale?
What happened to Jean Tate in Emmerdale? (Credit: Getty Images)

Gradually Zoe started giving Scott access to Jean after he proved to her that he really loves his daughter and cares about her so much as no one else could.

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For a short period, Zoe even allowed Scott to move in with her and Jean and spend some time with them at Home Farm.

Zoe’s schizophrenia breakdown

Zoe suffered from a schizophrenic breakdown. Out of this, Zor took the hostage of Jean and her late brother’s son Joseph ‘Joe’. She accidentally started a fire as well.

Somehow Scott entered into the situation, managed it, and took custody of Jean. Meanwhile, Zoe was set to take rest to recover soon.

Now in 2005, Zoe decided to move to California for a new start after bringing Jean with her.

Zoe injected Scott with Ketamine Syringe 

For a fresh start, Zoe asked Scott to go with her and Jean. She intended to stop him from fighting a battle for the custody of Jean. When she learned that Scott would not challenge her with custody, she revealed that she would marry him at any cost.

It led Scott to attack her. However, Zoe injected Scott with a ketamine syringe. She stabbed him again with a second syringe just when Paddy Kirk tried to stop her.

Scott was safe but alleged that Zoe attempted to kill him, and hoped that Zoe would be imprisoned and he could take back Jean Tate.

Scott took the hostage of Zoe, Jean, Joseph, and Callum

After the charges of Zoe being dropped, Scott held hostage of Jean, Zoe, Callum (the estate manager of Home Farm), and Joseph at gunpoint in the Home Farm itself.

Viv, Scott’s mother, intervened and reminded him that her ex-husband and Scott’s father attempted the same crime, and he was shot dead by the police. This intervention was necessary to stop Scott.

Scott changed his mind, he abandoned his plan and left Zoe and everyone else. Later on, Zoe moved to New Zealand along with Jean and Joseph.

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Jean Tate in Emmerdale – FAQs

Who is Jean Tate in Emmerdale?

Jean Tate is a cute little princess of Zoe Tate and Scott Windsor. During the one-night stand between Zoe and Scott, Jean was conceived.

What happened to Jean Tate?

After facing lots of problems, Zoe finally took Jean with her to New Zealand to start a fresh life with her.

Would Scott kill Jean?

Scott took the hostage of Zoe, Jean, Callum, and Joseph. However, after his mother’s intervention, he dropped his idea and Zoe moved to New Zealand with Jean and Joseph.

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