What happened to Hadley on Chicago Fire? The Unpredictable Journey of an Unpleasant Firefighter

Step into the intense world of “Chicago Fire” and explore the captivating story of Kevin Hadley, a character portrayed by the talented William Smillie.

From his tumultuous beginnings as an unpleasant firefighter to his transformation into a dangerous serial arsonist, Kevin Hadley’s journey in Firehouse 51 has left an indelible mark on the hit TV show.

Join us as we dive deep into the intriguing narrative of this complex character and discover the twists and turns that shaped his fate. What happened to Hadley on the Chicago Fire?

Get ready to experience the highs and lows, the conflicts and confrontations, and the ultimate resolution of Kevin Hadley’s compelling storyline in “Chicago Fire.”

What happened to Hadley on the Chicago Fire?

Hadley was arrested and charged with arson, facing the consequences of his destructive behavior. The situation reached its climax when Severide finally caught Hadley, putting an end to his dangerous actions.

The show does not explicitly reveal what happens to Kevin Hadley after his arrest. Some speculate that he received a long prison sentence, while others believe he may have turned his life around after serving time. The open-ended nature of his fate leaves it up to the viewers’ interpretation.

The Unpleasant Beginnings

Kevin Hadley, introduced in the first season of “Chicago Fire,” worked at Firehouse 51 in Chicago alongside other firefighters.

From the start, he was known for his questionable behavior and rivalry with Peter Mills, a new firefighter. Hadley believed that Lieutenant Kelly Severide favored Mills unfairly, sparking anger and animosity.

Dangerous Pranks and Escalating Tensions

Hadley’s anger towards Mills intensified when he thought Severide was helping him advance his career unfairly. Seeking revenge, Hadley played pranks on Mills, including slipping dog food into his meal.

What happened to Hadley on Chicago Fire
What happened to Hadley on Chicago Fire?

This led to a physical altercation between the two, with Chief Wallace Boden transferring Hadley to another station to diffuse the situation.

A Turn for the Worse

Despite the transfer, Hadley’s animosity continued to grow, pushing him to become a serial arsonist. Setting dangerous fires across the city, he put numerous lives at risk, leaving the fire department in a state of shock.

William Smillie’s Portrayal

William Smillie’s compelling portrayal of Kevin Hadley left a lasting impact on “Chicago Fire” fans. Smillie brought depth and complexity to the character, making him both disliked and memorable.

The Post-“Chicago Fire” Journey

Since his departure from “Chicago Fire,” William Smillie’s career has flourished with appearances in various TV shows and feature films, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

While Kevin Hadley’s journey on “Chicago Fire” was fraught with turmoil and danger, his presence on the show undoubtedly left a mark on the series and its viewers.

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Kevin Hadley – FAQs

Why did Hadley get kicked out of Chicago Fire?

A former firefighter has been found guilty of setting multiple fires, Kevin Hadley. Before being forcibly removed from Firehouse 51 due to despicable behavior, he had been assigned to Rescue Squad 3.

Who was targeting Severide?

The second season. Before realizing the assailant is targeting firefighters, Severide is twice targeted by an assailant. He concludes that Kevin Hadley, the firefighter who committed the arson, is also a firefighter.

Why did Chicago Fire get rid of Otis?

To begin the new season, the writers wanted an unexpected death. It had to be a “core” cast member that viewers would not anticipate, according to Haas, who discussed this in an interview with TV Insider in 2019. We believed that Yuri has an impact on not only fans but also the other members of the house, he said.

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