What happened to Elizabeth Hopkins, FOX 25? Is Elizabeth still with the network?

If there’s one lesson that TV news producers should learn, it’s that the dedicated viewers who watch their shows every morning don’t like the disruption that comes when anchors vanish from the airwaves. Despite the long history of viewer rebellions that happen after a host disappears, producers seem to have done it again.

Boston Fox 25 viewers have observed that Elizabeth Hopkins, a morning anchor for the program, has not been present on the network. Following her disappearance, many want to learn more about what happened to her.

What happened to Elizabeth Hopkins, FOX 25?

Elizabeth departed Fox 25 after thirteen years with the network.

Elizabeth reportedly left Fox 25 after 13 years of employment. While there has been no explanation of what went down, many viewers have speculated that it wasn’t Elizabeth’s choice to leave her job. 

Todd Brown, the Boston 25 Vice President, sent a brief email to the news team announcing Elizabeth’s departure.

“Team, I wanted to share that Elizabeth Hopkins is no longer with the station. We wish her well in her future endeavors.” 

What happened to Elizabeth Hopkins
Elizabeth Hopkins

It isn’t clear what might have motivated these potential firings, but plenty of fans were upset by the news. We watch the Boston 25 morning news every morning, and I was wondering where the hell she was. This morning, when I Googled it, I came across this thread. Gene and Elizabeth had amazing chemistry. Horrible decision!” one person wrote under a Twitter post announcing the news.

“Just like that?? Did they ever announce she was leaving?? Where is she?? “There was no one like her.” another person added.

After the news broke, Elizabeth went silent on social media, but many are keeping an eye on her to see where she might end up after what appears to be an enforced removal. Inquiries about what happened to her are also exploding on her social media platforms, but it appears that she may be hesitant to share the details, at least at first.

It is possible that Fox 25 just decided to hire fresh talent to take Elizabeth’s place to shake things up. Alternatively, there might have been another issue. Whatever the circumstances, we will not know more until Elizabeth decides to interact with her current social media following.  

Fans will have to conjecture why she might have chosen to leave or been let go until then. But one thing is certain: she is no longer with Fox 25, so the morning show will not be the same.

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