What happened to Destoni on Dr. Phil? Where Is Destoni from, Dr Phil?

Rewatching old Dr. Phil episodes makes us think of Destoni, a fourteen-year-old girl who seemed to be out of control. Destoni threatened her mother, siblings, classmates, teachers, and even Dr. Phil due to her severe anger management issues. As stated by Destoni’s mother, Melissa, who decided to go public with her story, it was “foster care or Dr. Phil.”

Dr. Phil delves into the core of Destoni’s violence in the 2019 episode titled “Expelled, Handcuffed, & Violent: My 14-Year-Old Daughter Is Out of Control.” But since making her 2019 debut, what has happened to Destoni? Now that she is at least eighteen, where is she?

What happened to Destoni on Dr. Phil? 

Destoni’s pain is what made her act violently.

As Dr. Phil tries to figure out what is causing Destoni’s behavior, we witness instances of her disrespect for authority and anger throughout the episode. He learns that Destoni had serious abandonment issues as a result of her father’s arrest when she was only 3 or 4 years old.

“I believe he was aware that he would omit everything because it was a very awful reason he was not present,” an alleged viewer commented on Reddit. “The only thing that was omitted was Dr. Phil entering the stage during a commercial break and giving the audience a quick explanation of the background of her dad’s situation because she kept bringing it up. Maybe things with Destoni’s father were even worse than they were depicted.

Throughout the episode, Destoni makes it apparent that she believes her mother does not understand her and that she cannot talk to her about her deepest feelings. So Dr. Phil finds out the truth about the numerous problems that Destoni and Melissa have in common.

What Made Destoni’s Dr. Phil Appearance Unforgettable for Everyone?

Destoni’s life was drastically altered when she lost her father when she was a little child. 

Destoni’s visit to Dr. Phil is noteworthy for several reasons, chief among them being the extreme gravity of her issues. Even though it seemed like the show was trying to pin Destoni’s problems on her fury, it was intriguing to see that, for a young adolescent, Destoni was making an effort to explain the source of her anger. 

What happened to Destoni on Dr. Phil

Destoni was most likely just a young person going through emotional struggles, although she was presented to Dr. Phil as a violent, extremely dangerous person.  

Destoni’s clinical diagnosis was not given, but it is obvious that she was attempting to manage significant emotional distress. Although using violence as a coping mechanism was not a healthy one, it is obvious that Destoni felt she had no other option given her family’s circumstances and the outlets she had for her rage. Even though it was short, her appearance on the show made an impression on the audience and Destoni, whose life seemed to change after receiving the support she needed.

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