What happened to Deluca on Grey’s Anatomy? Why did DeLuca leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Andrew DeLuca, M.D. is a fictional character from the medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy, seen on ABC in the US.

Twenty seasons have passed since Seattle Grace viewers first saw Meredith Grey enter the building. Ever since, the introduction and eventual demise of their cherished characters have taken viewers on an incredible journey.

Numerous characters have passed away, either as a result of behind-the-scenes conflict or because their stories have come to an end. One such character in the renowned medical drama who quickly gained popularity was Dr. Andrew DeLuca.

He was the new “McDreamy,” who filled the handsomeness gap and dropped ladies around the hospital. However, DeLuca’s character had much more than just physical appeal. In contrast, Andrew DeLuca’s storyline was among the most tragic in the show, so ending his character arc was not merely a casual way to wrap things up.

What happened to Deluca on Grey’s Anatomy?

He died in the show, and his death is an example of how the show tackles issues related to mental health. 

Andrew DeLuca’s exit from Grey’s Anatomy was purely for the sake of plot progression. Showrunner Krista Vernoff expressed on several occasions that DeLuca’s death wasn’t deliberate or because of any behind-the-scenes issue. It was solely for the purpose of storytelling and not because DeLuca’s character had to be written off because of his spiraling mental issues.

Vernoff was adamant that this was how the story unfolded in her imagination, and it seemed the most appropriate course for the character. The passing of Andrew DeLuca appeared to have a significant impact on the evolution of numerous characters, including his sister. It also paved the way for the long-awaited Teddy/Owen arc and allowed the other doctors to have a moment to think about the impact of what happened to DeLuca.

What happened to Deluca on Grey's Anatomy? Why did DeLuca leave Grey's Anatomy?

It’s safe to say that DeLuca’s death wasn’t because he had a disorder, and that was important for the way he was written off. He was brave, unhinged, intuitive, and kind. Despite the possibility of danger, he put himself on the line. It was because he had this strong sense of helping and saving people, not because he was going through a manic episode.

For a character who endured so much suffering yet made great efforts to better the world and himself, it is a cruel conclusion. This plot could have addressed both sex trafficking and mental health issues.

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