What happened to Corpse Husband? His expected return, controversies, and more

A deep deep voice, high timber, death metal music, and throw some positive vibes, what does this remind you of? Yep, we are talking about the iconic Corpse Husband.

A channel that has a profound impact on the online community. It might come as a surprise, but Corpse Husband is one of many well-known YouTube stars who maintains an anonymous online persona. No one has seen his face yet and… well, let us find out.

Who is Corpse Husband?

In 2015, Corpse Husband began watching scary movies and reading true crime articles on YouTube. His distinctive voice hooked listeners, and the anonymity of his videos only served to increase their allure.

Fans have never seen the face of Corpse Husband, an enigmatic figure well-known in the music, YouTube, and Twitch scenes. Few people, including Valkyrie, have had the privilege of speaking with him face to face. He enjoyed great popularity when he first started streaming on Twitch; however, he stopped in November 2021.

Even though Corpse Husband is a well-known YouTuber, musician, and streamer when his deep voice is heard, he has yet to host his stream. Corpse’s Husband has explained his decision to stop streaming six months ago and his absence since then.

What happened to Corpse Husband?

Corpse Husband stopped streaming. According to Corpse Husband, the pressure he experienced while entertaining thousands of viewers on stream—which is not surprising given the enormous number of followers he attracted after his first stream on the platform—is the cause of his infrequent streaming. 

Anyone may feel a lot of pressure if they immediately gain a large number of subscribers as a YouTuber or streamer, regardless of whether they are prepared for it or not.

Corpse Husband has acknowledged having a chronic illness, which may or may not be contributing to his streaming issues. The fact that he can drop in and out whenever he wants or needs to makes it clear that he feels more comfortable when a friend is hosting.  

Corpse Husband was once accused of pedophilia and grooming by Twitter users

Recent “allegations” against Corpse Husband have become popular on Twitter. “Allegations” against Corpse Husband first became popular on Twitter in 2021. Fans of Corpse Husband were shocked to see numerous accusations against their favorite YouTuber when they logged onto Twitter.

What happened to Corpse Husband
What happened to Corpse Husband?

The sudden accusations, which ranged from pedophilia to grooming, left them deeply concerned as they probably felt like their worst nightmare was coming true. But in a cruel twist of fate, it did not take long for fans to realize that this was all just a big troll on the part of anti-Corpse Husband stans who wanted to make light of a rather serious situation.

This outraged his supporters, who immediately denounced anyone spreading untrue information about the internet sensation on Twitter.

Will Corpse Husband ever return to streaming?

It is heartening to see a public figure prioritize his own physical and mental health, which is essential, especially given his current popularity and media attention. 

His fans must be happy to hear that he is doing well because they had been worried about him. Since they had been concerned about him, his admirers must be delighted to learn that he was doing well.

While some understandably wonder whether Corpse Husband will ever come back to streaming, he can unquestionably succeed in his other line of work and, of course, interact with fans in other ways.

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Corpse Husband – FAQs

What is the problem with Corpse Husband?

The corpse has been identified as having GERD, fibromyalgia, and thoracic outlet syndrome, all of which are chronic conditions, despite only being in his twenties.

Why did Corpse Husband stop posting?

Corpse Husband cited the pressure of providing entertainment for tens of thousands of viewers as the reason for his absence from streaming. In their conversation with Ironmouse, Corpse became more open about it.

Was Corpse Husband’s face revealed?

Never before has Corpse’s Husband made his face publicly known. On a few occasions, though, social media “leaked” information about his appearance. For instance, in September 2021, a picture purported to be of the streamer started to go viral on Twitter.

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