What happened to Cindy on 600 Lb life?

The inspiring journeys of morbidly obese people, many of whom weigh 600 pounds or more, are documented in the TLC series “My 600-lb Life.” They take the first step toward leading healthy lives by attempting to alter their sedentary and excessive eating behaviors.

They turn to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, for assistance. Dr. Now offers them strict dietary and exercise regimens as well as guidance on making lifestyle changes to achieve this.

Molestation, addiction- Life of Cindy 

Now that season nine of My 600-Lb Life has come to an end, Cindy wants to share some new information with her fans. Cindy made her television debut on the well-liked TLC show to ask Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for advice, just like many other cast members had done before her. To lose the weight she had set a goal and was adamant about it.

Sadly, Cindy’s eating disorder was uncontrollable and only got worse as a result of her parent’s divorce. The woman who later sought the assistance of Younan Nowzaradan from My 600-lb Life was already dealing with mental health issues at the age of 30, and she also had diabetes and lymphedema at that time.

Cindy’s friend Sandy advised her to seek professional assistance due to her precarious situation to better her life. Cindy, however, resisted going corporate because she would not follow Dr. Now’s exact diet and exercise regimen. By the end of her episode, Cindy had only lost 40 pounds as opposed to the required 70 pounds, so she did not meet the requirements for bariatric surgery.

Cindy Vela, who weighs 600 pounds, suffered the loss of loved ones

According to The Cinemaholic, Cindy lost her niece Miranda Sue in September 2021. Cindy had a special bond with her niece. She posted a memorial on her social media in honor of her relative.

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However, the star of My 600-Lb Life revealed that her stepfather Raul Garcia Quintanilla had passed away in January 2022. Raul had been Cindy’s biggest supporter before he passed away, so her loss of him was incredibly painful.

Cindy Vela of My 600-Lb Life is Unknown About Her Weight

Cindy was optimistic about her chances of losing weight at the end of her episode even though she had fallen short of the goal Dr. Now had set for her. She said, “I will keep working hard and hopefully, I will be in a good enough place to get surgery.” Throughout this time, I have learned a lot. 

The My 600-lb Life star has not ever added any information about her weight despite being moderately active on her social media platforms. It is also very challenging to make judgments based on the My 600-Lb Life alum’s photos because she typically only shows her face and not her entire body.

Cindy may not have had Dr. Now’s bariatric surgery, but based on how resolute and upbeat she sounded, it is likely that she is still striving for a healthier lifestyle.

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