What Happened to Cheyenne on Teen Mom: A Startling Encounter and Its Aftermath

Teen Mom fans were left dazed when news broke about Cheyenne Floyd’s alarming experience. Cheyenne, alongside her better half Zach Davis and their two kids, wound up in a startling circumstance when they were shot at while driving.

Fortunately, the truth star and her travelers endure the occurrence, however, the injury left them wrestling with nervousness about its repercussions.

What happened to Cheyenne on Teen Mom?

In July 2022, a shocking incident unfolded as Cheyenne Floyd and her then-fiancé Zach Davis were ambushed by an assailant who opened fire on their vehicle. The unidentified shooter discharged a stunning 13 shots at Cheyenne, Zach, and her two kids.

The shocking episode happened as the family was headed to a physical checkup for Cheyenne’s little girl Ryder.

Considering the awful accident during the debut episode of Youngster Mother: The Following Section, Cheyenne communicated her doubt, expressing, “I never believed that something like this would happen to me.”

She described the miracle of their survival, as police officers at the scene couldn’t comprehend how they all emerged unharmed. However, the ordeal has left its mark, with Cheyenne revealing, “We are stuck in a constant replay of the worst day of your life.”

Confronting Anxiety and Triggers

The incident’s aftermath has been challenging for Cheyenne and her family. She mentioned that everything around her became a trigger, a painful reminder of that fateful day.

What Happened to Cheyenne on Teen Mom: A Startling Encounter and Its Aftermath
What happened to Cheyenne on Teen Mom?

Even though they survived physically, the emotional scars continue to haunt them.

Seeking Closure and Answers

Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis shared their experience during the first season reunion of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. They revealed that they had refrained from discussing the incident publicly for almost a year.

Discussing the silence surrounding the incident, Cheyenne expressed, “It’s a lot… We talked amongst ourselves, but publicly, we didn’t talk about it for a year.” The pending trial and ongoing legal matters have contributed to the silence.

Concerning the identity of the shooter, the couple chose not to disclose this information due to legal reasons. However, they did reveal that the assailant was someone they both knew.

Facing the Future

Notwithstanding the alarming experience, Cheyenne and Zach are focused on pushing ahead. They uncovered that a preliminary is planned to start soon, denoting another part in their excursion towards conclusion and equity.

As the couple explores the close-to-home repercussions and judicial actions, their solidarity and flexibility radiate through.

Cheyenne Floyd’s frightening experience helps us to remember the surprising difficulties life can toss our direction and the significance of clutching trust and mending despite misfortune.

How to Watch Teen Mom

Fans can catch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter season 2, which premiered on July 19, 2023, on MTV. New episodes are booked to air each Wednesday at 8 pm EST.

For the people who miss the link broadcast, streaming choices are accessible on stages like Hulu, making it helpful for fans to follow the compelling accounts of Cheyenne and others on their excursion through parenthood and life’s difficulties.

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Cheyenne Floyd – FAQs

What happened with Cheyenne and Zach?

Cheyenne was shot 13 times while driving with her two children, her future husband Zach Davis, and other passengers the year before. Cheyenne, 30, has now announced that a court case will be opened up to address the incident.

Is Cheyenne still married to Zach?

After getting hitched in September 2022, Cheyenne will be married to her high school sweetheart, 32-year-old Zach Davis. While Cheyenne was dating 32-year-old Cory Wharton, the couple remained apart, but they later got back together.

Did Cheyenne’s husband, Zach, go to jail?

Zach was given a 120-day prison sentence for the single count for which he was found guilty. In addition, he was given a probationary term of 60 months and was ordered to pay a $500 fine.

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